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sarahbaby11 - July 2

i'm not due till january but starting to look at br___tpumps. i am looking at the playtex embrace...i think it is called. it works with their premium desgner nursers....does anyone use this pump....let me know if you like it or not. if you use a different pump let me know i'm open to suggestions. these things are so expensive as you all know so i want to get the best i can....comfort and ease of use....not by price.


Heather F - July 2

I love my pumo in style by medila, its the best! I geuss the pump you buy though would depend on what you are planning on useing it for, occasional pumping or everyday at work pumping? If you are needing a pump for everyday I think the medula is the way to go.


Jenn2 - July 3

I have the Medela pump-in style too! While it does cost is well worth it to me! I just like having plenty of stored milk, so I can go somewhere, and have food for my baby when someone else is watching her. IT just depens on your lifestyle when you have her. If you dont like to be tied down, and want the freedom....while still giving your baby b___stmilk.....its worth buying a more expensive one. If you dont think you will be leaving your babys side very much.....then a less powerful pump is all you really need. I dont know much about the playtex embrace........I'm sure it works just fine though.


JenR - July 4

Playtex Embrace is the way to go!!!! I love that pump!!!! I used the Madela in the hospital and it was horrible. It sucked my nipples with what felt like a tube. The Playtex is much softer and feels more like the babies mouth. Also, keep in mind that I was wonderding if I was going to b___stfeed at's actually not that bad (except the first week when it hurts like HELL...don't give up, it gets much easier). I vote for Playtex! I pump about every 2-3 days to save it up for later :)



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