Breast Pumps

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Heidi - April 28

My mom has gone shopping with me and we always check out the br___t pumps and she said none of them are any good. She brags about this great pump she had when she was pregnant with my brother....22 years ago!!!! She could do both at one time but said the ones they sell now look like junk. Can anyone give me a good brand name and where it's sold at that they've had really good luck with using and it's easy to use? I don't really plan on br___tfeeding a lot. I'd like to just pump the milk and use bottles instead when I get home from the hospital. I'm only 15 wks right now but I'm trying to plan ahead. Is it also bad to buy a used pump? They have a ton of them at this children's exchange store but I didn't know if that was a bad idea or not.


alisa - April 28

its not a bad idea cost wise to look into the used one but since youre not planning on b___stfeeding a lot you probably will not get a lot fo milk pumped. A few friends of mine had this problem when their babies refused to latch on their milk supply was very low so pumping proved to be too much trouble for the amount they would get. if you do buy a new pump I used Medela hand held ones the come in a couple of different styles and are sold at places like Target. Makes sure that if you get a handheld model taht you find one with an adjustable handle so you can switch sides comfortably. Also a lot has changed since your mom,s day so dont think that the pumps are bad just because she thinks that. I had great success with mine. p.s. buy some lanolin for your nipples pumps are tougher on you than the baby they will hurt for awhile. good luck, heidi!


Heidi - April 28

Thanks! I'm not sure what I'll do after maternity leave so I might just switch over to formula too because I just won't be able to pump while at work. I figure at least I'll b___stfeed till I go back to work. I figure it's better than nothing.


Katharine - May 16

I used a Medela manual pump. I have read that it isn't a good idea to get a used one because it isn't possible to get all parts completely clean (a__sume they were talking about mechanical pumps). Anyway, I didn't know that I should have asked for one at the hospital, so had to go to the county health dpeartment and beg for one (even though my tax dollars help pay for them, but that is a different story...). I couldn't find the medela manual pump in stores and finally was able to purchase one for about $15 from the health dept. It worked great for pumping while at work.



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