Breast Rejection In The Evenings

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mamagoose - February 20

Hi everyone- I've been exclusively br___tfeeding my 11-day old baby boy, and we're doing great with his latch, and I seem to have lots of milk supply for him. However, I find that in the evenings (from about 7pm - 11pm), he seems to constantly want to feed, but whenever I latch him on, he sucks for a minute, then his face crumples up like he's going to cry and he lets go. He refuses to re-latch back on, so I burp him and let him rest. 5-10 minutes later, he begins to cry and starts rooting around, so when I re-offer the br___t, he latches back on like he's starving, but again after a minute of nursing, he spits out the nipple and cries again. It's like I've got sour milk, or he hates br___tfeeding! By the time he finally settles down to feed for a good 15-20 minute session, it's 11pm and I'm exhausted and stressed. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any pointers about how I can get him to feed for a longer time?


Lala - February 20

Maybe your milk is coming too quickly. It can even spray down their throats, making them pull off. It has a name: over-active let down, or something like that.?? You can try and point the nipple upward toward the roof of baby's mouth. Also, hold onto the breat all around before latch and for a minute afterward to slow it down. Also, maybe he's waiting too long to eat, and by evening your milk is so full causing the problem.? Look up info on La Leche League's site. They have lots of info that helps me. take care!


babii_boo91 - February 20

I did im rethinking the b___st feeding it hasnt been a very good experience for me


DB - February 21

Mamagoose, EVERYTHING you wrote is exactly what happened to me last night and has happened quite a few times. I was balling last night because she wouldn't stay on and just cried and cried and cried. I think I have an over-active let down because one time she pulled off my b___st and I could see my milk spraying out (it actually sprayed her in the face, poor thing). I don't know why it seems to happen at that time??? I think once I introduce dd to a bottle I will let dh feed her pumped milk at that time (also so they can have some bonding time too). I understand your frustration, believe me. Funny thing was dd ate so wonderfully yesterday during the day. She stayed on each side for 10 minutues at a time (very long for us). I hope some more people have some advice because I could use it too.


tryingx3 - February 21

I had (and still do) a very fast let down. When my dd was small lactation consultants suggested I lay down or lay back as far as possible when starting to nurse...let gravity "help" instead of "hurt". It was also suggested I use cold compress prior to b___stfeeding, but I never tried that. Another suggestion was to pump a little before feeding, but I never tried that either. It was very hard and very trying, but all worth it to keep trying! Best wishes!


Lala - February 21

Yes, try laying back (like on bed pillows) with baby laying over the top of your chest. That way the milk can't spray as forcefully down baby's throat.


mamagoose - February 21

I think you guys are right, I'm leaning towards over-active let-down. The poor little guy chokes and sputters and when he pulls off, his mouth is full of milk and I'm pouring it out all down my stomach. I ended up seeing a b___stfeeding consultant today and she recommended I pump for a few minutes before latching him on, to take care of the initial gush. She seems to think that once he's a bit bigger, he'll be able to handle the tidal wave, I hope so! I haven't tried the pumping yet (getting out to a store is such an ordeal these days!), but I'll keep everyone posted if it works or not. DB- It sounds like we have exactly the same problem here... he feeds great during the afternoons, but evening is a whole new story! I'm going to keep on b___stfeeding only until about 6-8 weeks, and then hopefully I'll be able to introduce b___stmilk via bottle, so dh can feed him too... In the meantime, I guess it's going to be stop/start until he gets big enough to handle the let-down. Sigh...


DB - February 21

We're having another "fun" night again, except it was terrible all day. I think we're having a combination of fast let down, reflux and possibly colic?!?!? She's literally been crying ALL day. We got a one hour nap together earlier. I don't know what to do. It's so frustrating.


tryingx3 - February 21

hang in there, does get better. I still have excessive flow but dd does pretty good. The good way to look at it is it won't talk long for your little to fill his tummy during a feeding! ha ha



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