Breast Tenderness Amp No Mastitis

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homeworkwithheather - November 10

Did anyone else have br___t tenderness while br___tfeeding? I am not engorged and baby is eating well and emptying the br___t...but they are so sore. I have an appointment with a b/f specialist this week...but I am not sure if they are sore due to my milk supply increasing. My son has been nursing much more frequently...I think he is hitting a growth spurt...any input would be great...


sarah21 - November 10

How old is your baby? It's normal in the beginning to have sore b___sts. Beyond that it sounds a little odd to have soreness but as long as there is no redness, it's not hot to the touch, and it's not firm/engorged feeling I wouldn't worry too much.


homeworkwithheather - November 10

He is 3 weeks old today...I had some latching problems and have been trying new techniques since Friday. I am going back to the lactation meeting tomorrow and seeing a specialist on could be b___sts are just so when I was first pregnant...the nipple is super sore...but my latch was off...but the actual b___st tissue is very sore...all over...not in isolated areas...I know my supply is growing as he is going through a growth I am wondering if that has something to do with it? Thanks so much for is greatly appreciated...


beka81 - November 12

Heather, did you find out why this is happening? My baby will be 3 weeks on Saturday and I feel I am going through the same exact thing! Mine too are sore and feel like maybe it is due to a growing spurt. Its just so frustrating, i realy want to b___st feed but it is killing me skinnier now than i was before i got pregnant!


homeworkwithheather - November 12

I have an appointment today at 5:00...I will be sure to post what the specialist says when I get home...b/f is so hard...and my son is hungry ALL the time...however the past 2 days all he wanted to do was eat, so I let him nurse literally all day long...and gave him a bottle of pumped milk. Those 2 days he slept for 6 straight hours, woke up and fed and went back down for another 3. It was blissful...I have never felt so rested in the past few months...if I can keep this up, it is totally worth may be attributed to a growth spurt...but maybe not...if you feed them enough in the day, they sleep longer at night...(that is what I have been told anyhow) beka...have you been to any lactation cla__ses? I was having so much pain, and I went and got some great tips and pointers for more efficient b/f and better latching is also a great place to talk to other moms who have almost given up. again...I will let you know what the doctor says this evening...good luck and stay strong!


beka81 - November 13

heather, i just cant seem to want to do this bad enough. the baby is frustrated and hungry all the time, she is always spitting up so much mostly because i think she just uses the b___b as a pacifier, i am exhausted, stressed, etc so i decided i want to stop trying. now i have to stop my milk supply and i hear it is really hard. good luck to you and i wish you all the best!


homeworkwithheather - November 13

i know it is hard beka...but you should see someone should not hurt...and your little one may be spitting up due to something in your diet. my guy spits up if i eat any dairy or soy....maybe you could cut it out for a few days and see if it improves... the reason i say to see someone is because my discomfort is due to a yeast infection on my nipples and b___st tenderness from a bacterial infection....all VERY common...if they are treated, then the discomfort will go away...and my latch was off...not to mention he is a bit tongue he was not feeding efficiently... see if there is a specialist you can may be a very fixable problem....and get your b___sts checked if you are having ANY discomfort... my baby and i are both on meds...he has the yeast in his mouth. you should have your little one checkewd regardless...she may need to be treated... you can do it beka!!



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