Breastfdg D D At 6mths Could I Be Pg Again

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tmjulien - July 28

ok, I really need your help, my d/d will be 6 months on the 4th of August, a couple days ago I felt a dizzy faint spell while driving home. Today Ive felt sick to my stomach all day, nothing I ate helped. moving is worse. I haven't had a period since I delivered. dh pulls out. (sorry for being so graffic) I'm scared I could be pregnant again. do you ovulate while br___tfeeding?


schreck - July 28

You can. Take a HPT using first morning pee. I know someone who is about 20 weeks now and got pregnant when her dd was about 4 months and she was bfing.


E586467 - July 29

Generally if you are exclusively b___stfeeding, your period hasn't returned & your baby is under/up to 6moths, you have a VERY slim chance of getting pregnant (about as much as being on the pill). That said some women do ovulate despite being in the above situation, just like some women still get pregnant while on the pill. I would definitely take a hpt & again in a week if you still have the symptoms, just to make sure. If you aren't pregnant & especially now that your dd is 6mths, start the mini pill or use condoms if you don't want to get pregnant, as the pull out method isn't very reliable. When ds was 4mths I thought I might be preg as I had similar symptoms, but it turned out I was lacking in iron & B vitamins. Goodluck & let us know what happens.


Kiersten - July 29

I'm currently pregnant with # 2 and was exclusively BF'ing, never got a pp period and my ds was about 4 1/2 months when we got pregnant, according to the ultrasound dates. Our kiddos will be about 13 1/2 or 14 months apart. We're really excited, but I was caught off guard! :) Good luck!


tmjulien - July 29

Thanks yall, Im so nervous I couldn't sleep last night and I took the baby to daycare came home and slept till now. im going to get a test today. if i'm not pg them im surely going to get some type of bc. i already have a 12yr, 8yr, and 6 month old and b/t my 8yr and 6 month old, hubby and i never used any type of bc


tryin44 - July 31

I got pregnant with my #2 son when my first was 4 months. They are 13 months apart. I now have four kids and used the mini pill between them. I am however experiencing some weird signs myself right now. My DD is 9 months. My newest sign is a twitch in my right side abdomen. I would think maybe the beginning of a tubal but it seems kind of high. I had a tubal before and it was a low sharp pain. Anyways, got off track but GOOD LUCK!!!!!!



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