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enough milk to go around - May 17

I have been br___tfeeding my daughter for 8 months now. Everything is going very well. When she goes to sleep at night my husband cuddles up next to me and nurses from my br___ts. He does this on both br___t for about 5 minutes and then we make love. While making love he still drinks from them. I have never said anything negative to him about it, because it really doesn't bother me. IS this strange? I like it and think it has brought us closer.


Christina - May 17

Sounds strange to me, is he jealous of the baby?


mel - May 17's so funny how different people can be. the whole time i was b___stfeeding my husband totally avoided that area, which was fine with me because to me it would have felt weird. but if you're into it...then don't worry about what other people think. if he is turned on by the fact that your body has changed then count your blessings because a lot of men can't even look at their wives in a s_xual way after they have the baby.


Maleficent - May 18

honestly it wouldn't bother me at all. alot of people don't think that b___sts can be both functional and s_xual at the same time but i disagree. it's two entirely different sensations.


Mimi - May 18

Wow, I can't believe your husband is into that. That's cool though. My husband was so turned off when he saw the baby come out, he didn't want to have s_x with me for months. I guess till that image faded from his brain.


enough milk to go around - May 18

No, I don't think he is jealous of the baby. He does it only at night a few times a month. He was interested in it from the time he found out I was pregnant. He mentioned it to me a few times that he wanted to taste the milk and I should have enough to feed the whole family. (joke) I really didn't think anything of it till one day he came over to me and just started sucking on them. I was excited and happy that he liked it.


Louise - May 18

I find this very interesting. I have a husband that hated everything about my pregnancy. My best friend and I ended up together and she does the same thing with me! Of course my husband doesn't know, and I wouldn't care what he though of it. I am suprised we are still married. My child is now 3 and I still produce enough milk for him and my best friend. I occasionally drink it too!!


Melissa - May 18

Louise, Wow, you have an interesting social life yourself! You are married, but are "with" your best friend who happens to be a girl? She drinks your b___st milk? Interesting.


BP - May 19

I think Louise is trying to get some attention here! She is absolutely out of her mind and so are you if you believe it!


Strange - May 19

The first story sounded believable, but Louise? Give me a break!


Mimi - May 19

I find some of these questions strange. I wouldn't mind my husband doing that, other people though is going a bit far. I think I will stick to feeding the baby and that's it.



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