Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation Success Stories

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ashley - June 22

Just wondering if any of you had success stories after having br___t augmentation. I had my incision in the areola and they are behind the muscle.


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 23

I also had b___st augmentation about 4 years ago (my incision is under the b___st, but my implants are behind the muscle too)..I gave birth via c-section, which also made me worried about being able to b___stfeed. On the third day after the op. my milk came in, and I've been producing so much that I have to pump off the excess ever since! The only thing I've been told is that you have to be really careful because both implants and naturally small b___sts could mean that you might be prone to engorgement, which means that when your milk comes in, you always have to make sure that both of your b___sts are completely empty after every feed..Hope this helps..


ashley - June 24

thank you! Well I didn't have extremely small b___sts before. I b___stfed once before my implants. My daughter is now 6 and I got my implants because they sagged a little and were not the same size on both sides. I had a fairly small implant put in. They were a 34 B before baby/implants. And they did shrink down a little after I had my daughter. I just read that through the nipple can cut nerves and interfere with the let down reflex. I made TONS of milk with my daughter so I am crossing my fingers it will work out this time. Thanks Foxhoundsgr8 for your info! I appreciate it.


chris mandola - June 24

Hi Ashley, I have b___st implants and I do b___st feed exclusively. However I feel like I feed more often than normal and my baby at 4 months still gets up once a night to feed. I can see a difference from bf my first 2 daughters. It's been a struggle but I'm sticking with it. Good luck!


ashley - June 27

thanks chris! Where was/is your incision at for your implants?


Susan W - June 29

La Leche League actually has a book for moms who have had b___st surgery -- can't remember if it's augmentation or reduction or both. They have a catalogue online at



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