Breastfeeding And Allergies

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Nyssa - April 26

Hi, my daughter is 7 weeks old and we had been bf exclusively for 6 weeks and were to the hospital twice for diarrhea, ecxema, screaming etc.. she was found to have acid reflux and was given zantac. It got a bit better but she was also found to have a milk allergy which was coming through my milk. I was told to remove all milk products from my diet which I tried to do but I was really hungry and unable to eat a lot of things so I supplemented ( stupidly) with formula ( soy) and she was ok for awhile only nursing at night but then she got diarrhea again and more patches on her face. We went to the pediatrician and he dx'd with a SOY allergy as well. So, in tge meantime, one week without nursing has dried up my milk. I don't even nurse at night anymore. However the doctor suggested I relactate and so I go to another doc today to get medication to help with milk supply and I am seeing a nutrionist who will help me find a diet that is milk and soy free. has ANYONE had this experience? and were you able to relactate after a week's break without too much trouble? I'm going to ask about this in another question as well. Any advice on br___tfeedinga chld with allergies?


Susan W - April 26

I would visit the message board at and see if there are any related messages currently there. They have a forum for relactating and help with allergies too. My son also suffered from acid reflux, and the zantac helped a lot. Try to put the baby to sleep on an incline, and we found the car seat was really painful for him. Good luck


LisaB - April 26

My friends ds had milk and soy allergies so her diet was real boring for the first year. *good news her son now has a problem with rice cereal and peas and thats all. ( hes over a year) So your dd may not have problems when shes older. I don't know about relacating so I can't help you there I know it can be done so don't give up hope. Check out they are pretty helpful with bf issues. Wish I could be more help. Good luck.



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