Breastfeeding And Birth Control

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Beth - October 23

Hello. I am wondering if you can take the pill and br___tfeed?


Anon - October 23

If you take a regular pill containing eostregen your milk will dry up. You can take a 'mini-pill' which is a progesterone only pill but you will need to take it at the same time every day and you may experience a slight drop in your milk supply.


erc - October 24

you can ask your doctor for Micromor. it can be used by nursing mothers. you do have to take it at the EXACT time each day though.


Beth - October 24

thanks for your answers. Why do you think they have to be taken at teh same time every day? Are they effective at keeping the skin clear?


Jamie - October 25

I'm on ortho-trycylcine, which contains both progesterone and estrogen. I have noticed a *slight* decrease in my milk, which I corrected by drinking more water. My doctor/lactation consultant approved it, because b___stfeeding was already established.


Beth - October 25

Jamie, so you b___stfed for a while first before going on ortho? I was on ortho b-4 and would love to go on that agian. thanks for your help


Jamie - October 25

Yes, I b___stfed for 6 weeks; started the pill at my 6 week post-partum check up. But, part of why my lactation consultant okay'd it was because I had an overabundant supply to begin with. I was able to nurse my daughter on one side, and then still pump another 4 to 6 ounces from that same side; after going on the pill, I dropped to where I had to actually switch sides in the middle of a feeding; I increased the amount of water I was drinking, and now only nurse one side again, but I no longer have the extra 4-6 ounces. So, my advice: pump for the 6 weeks, in addition to b___stfeeding - the extra stimulation will help increase your supply, and you'll be able to store milk, in case your supply does decrease dramatically - if you notice a decrease, drink more water; if that doesn't work, you might have to give up the pill.


mom42 - October 25

I got on Nordette at my 6 wk appt. The dr warned me that my milk could drop and, if so, to stop taking hte pill and come in immediately to receive drugs to increase it. I noticed a drop in my milk production after a few days, but, like Jamie, I had enough. It was kind of nice, because it helped with the engorgement I was having in the mornings. That went away, as well as the generally "full" feeling I had before feedings. Baby is 12 weeks now and grwoing fine on only b___stmilk. For me, it just regulated the milk earlier than with my first baby.


mom42 - October 25

I have also read that you need to wait at least 6 weeks to establish milk supply if you're going on the pill.



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