Breastfeeding And Bottle

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foxhoundsrgr8 - June 20

I was just wondering if any of you guys knew anything about this. I'm br___tfeeding, but because of sore and cracked nipples, once or twice a day I give the baby the bottle (expressed milk, of course). Now I've heard that feeding him from the bottle might make him not want the br___t anymore. Any of you have any experience regarding this?


olivia - June 20

I also had a cracked nipple the first few weeks and had to try a bottle once or twice a day to give it a break. I noticed sometimes she would mouth my b___st differently, as if reminding herself which way to suck, but we didn't have any big trouble. After a few weeks she decided against a bottle completely, and wouldn't take one again until she was 7-8 months old. So I had actually wished I had offered it more because of the eventual refusal. But if you are having any trouble establishing your supply, or with latching, 'they' do recommend you stay away from the bottle for 6 weeks to make sure b___stfeeding is well established.


Krista - June 20

I'm going to try both...I would actually rather just pump my milk and only give the baby a's more livable...daddy can feed him...babysitter can feed him...etc.


Renee-Marie - June 20

I'm doing exactly what you are, and I have not had any problems to speak of.


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 21

Thanks guys, I was actually worried that he would find the bottle easier to feed from and then refuse the b___st. So far, he's been good. I feel like I'm letting him down by giving him the bottle, but I just can't bare the pain when he latches on sometimes and my nipples are extremely sore..(I wonder, BTW, if it's because of our technique, or I just have sensitive nipples,or is there anything I could do to make it better?)


amyh - June 21

I had severly cracked nipples too and have ALWAYS given my daughter a pacifier and the bottle. She has no problem going from one to the other.


olivia - June 21

I used gel pads for my cracked nipple. The product names vary but what I used were called soothies. They lasted about 4-5 days and since two came in a pack and I only had one sore nipple I used the other when the first was done. Basically you stick the cool gel pad on and just take it off to feed the baby. It helps the crack heal from the inside without scabing over. See if you can find some of those, they kept me b___stfeeding where I might have given up. You can try different holds to see what is more comfortable for latching. Just make sure the mouth is open wide when the baby latches, and take him/her off if it is hurting and try again for a better latch. Good luck, hang in there, it will heal up!



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