Breastfeeding And Bras

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cowgirlupgrl - April 29

I am 24 weeks pregnant and my bras are to small and we don't have the money to get more bras and i was wondering if it will bother br___tfeeding if i wear them now because I heard that it signals to the body that you aren't going to br___tfeed is this true?


Jamie - April 30

I don't think it will affect your milk now, as much as it would after you have your baby. But, it can give you worse stretch marks on your b___sts. You definately should start saving money ASAP for supportive bras while nursing, because you will want them.


cowgirlupgrl - April 30

thanks i probably will get some next paycheck but does it need to be nursing bras or sports bras because i dont know which to get. i am also a little scared because im going to be a first time mom. please help


Jilloh - April 30

buy bra extenders (wal-mart 84 cents or something like that) back in the fabric department. This will help save your bras for longer. While I was pregnant I didnt wear a bra at night but I did during the day. A tid bit of advice is do not buy too many bras now (thus I used a bra extender) because once you get closer to delivery & after delivery your size will change some. I wear nursing bras or sports bras (not the flat sports bras though, they need to have cups for me).


cowgirlupgrl - April 30

well see it isnt the extending that i need it is the cup size that is too small. so what else do i do? i am also leak colustrum already so that was one reason why i wanted to get nursing bras.


Susan W - April 30

You can use any well-fitting, supportive bra before you have the baby. Just don't buy some of the cheap ones. They don't have enough support. Look at what you are buying for comfort, proper fit and support, and perhaps check out some of the outlet stores if there are any near you. I found a Playtex nursing bra I loved before I outgrew that one, and it was less than $20. When you are nursing, you'll probably want to have 3 bras -- one for wearing, one for the wash, and one back-up. I wore a bra 24/7 with baby #1's pregnancy because my b___sts ached, but they weren't very good ones, and I wonder if some of the changes I have now (of course, two pregnancies later!) are because of lack of support. If you leak, put a nursing pad in the bra, no matter the style, but I never found I really needed a nursing pad until my milk came in. Good luck.


olivia - April 30

I would wear a sportsbra while pregnant if you find them comfortable. The better support during pregnancy the less droop after. Having the bound in a sports bra during pregnancy will not effect your nursing. You can find them pretty cheap in discount stores. You will want to save up for 2 maternity bras for after the baby comes. Buy them so that they fit on the biggest setting, so that you can adjust them smaller as you loose weight. I think old navy has some fairly cheap if you have smaller b___sts. If you are really large chested, you might have to invest in something a little more specialized (and expensive). But no, it won't effect bf to wear a tight bra. It is recommended. I used thin pads or tissue in my regular bras for colestrum and it seemed to do the trick. The colestrum really stains so don't spend too much or you'll be dissappointed at those bright yellow stains.


Susan W - May 1

The only time it can affect your supply to wear a tight bra is AFTER the baby comes. One of the "treatments" recommended for a mom who is not planning to nurse is to wear a very tight bra or b___stbinder. But do make sure whatever you buy has proper support. I grew up in a family of b___stfeeding moms, and I'm the only one whose b___sts are sagging at an early age! I'm sure it's because I did not buy bras with good support. I totally regret it now, and I'm only a 36A-B!



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