Breastfeeding And Conception

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Megan - August 30

I am still br___tfeeding my 14 month old daughter and wish to become pregnant angain. So I have to stop br___tfeeding to increase my chances of becoming pregnant again?


Shelly - May 31

I didn't have a problem. I got pregnant while nursing the second time we tried. Giving up nursing would have made my first child so upset. I'm glad I did it the way I did. We nursed all the way through the pregnancy. They both nursed together a bit too, but the milk changes, and the older one lost interest quickly. It was all a very natural process.


Shea - June 14

I am also trying to conceive while nursing my 14 month old. It is hard because I have not had a period for two years. We have just started and I am anxious not knowing if I am even ovulating. I am just going to let nature take its course.


Shelly - June 18

You don't have to have a period to ovulate. Try using an ovulation test kit. Good Luck


Lee - July 6

we are trying for another baby and I am still BF I would love to be able to concieve and BF throughout my pregnancy, I am currently using an ovulation kit, today I had a very faint pink line in the 2nd window does anyone know if this means that i should be due for a LH surge soon?


Peggy - July 27

I just became pregnant with my second child. My first is 13 months, and I still b___stfeed her. I never had the return of my period, and I plan to continue to b___stfeed.


betty - July 28

I just had a baby five weeks ago and I am BF , can i get pregnant at this stage?


Shannon - August 1

Hey Peggy, when you got pregnant while b___stfeeding did u have the same symptoms of preg. as the first one? And how did u know u were preg. without period?


Candice - August 19

Wow, we have the same circ_mstance as Peggy. Our son is 13 mo. and I am still Breastfeeding Full time. I also never had the return of my period. We wanted to be pregnant again and there were a few signs like mini headaches, queezy tummy, and TIRED. So the same symptoms as with my son. I plan to b___stfeed as long as possible with this pregnancy and see how it goes.


kf - August 26

Betty, You shouldn't even be having s_x till about six weeks postpartum because of increased risks of infection.And even then wait till your pract_tioner gives you the ok


sam - September 15

I am BF my daughter who is now 23 weeks. My husband and I despartatly want another baby soon....I had my first period last month since I gave birth...we tried from day 10 to day 22...I have no signs of pregnancy....does this mean I possible didn't ovulate due to BF my daughter?


Sam - September 15

If I want to continue BF my daughter does any one have a suggestion how many BF per day I should reduce to in order to concieve another baby


Cheri - September 15

From what I understand there is not one definate answer. Every woman is different. BF can definatly hinder your chances of conceiving. BF causes a rise in particular hormones which suppress ovulation. Even if you get a menses it doesn't guarantee that you will ovulate the following cycle. How many times per day are you BF? You can start by cutting back your feedings....if you have a good 8 hour stent of no BF that may allow your system time to ovulate


Laura - December 7

I'm BF my 7month old daughter but she goes 9 hours at night without it since 3 months old and has been on daytime supplements and solids since 4.5 months and have been going 5 hours inbetween feedings since 5.5 months. I have a susp__sion I'm pregnant could that be possible? I have no menses.



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