Breastfeeding And Formula

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KrisD - July 28

Hi - I am having a lot of anxiety about br___tfeeding, but plan to give it my best effort. But I was wondering if any of you did both br___tfeeding and formula? Was it right from the start - in the hospital or as soon as you got home? Also, is weaning necessary or did any of you stop breasfeeding 'cold turkey'? Thank you.


Just Me - July 29

It's great that you're going to b___stfeed. I didn't use any formula, after talking with my lactation consultant and an experienced bf friend I decided against it. However, some do choose to use formula. I can't give advice on that, other than I wouldn't right away. Feeding formula will effect the supply, unless you pump every time you do. Yes, wean, for your sake and baby's.


JM - July 29

Here are some links:


Hannah - July 29

Should I give water or formula to my baby? Breast milk has all the nutrients your b___stfed baby needs. There is no need for formula unless the baby isn't gaining weight. Remember, the more you nurse, the more milk you will make. And if you fill the baby up with formula or water, he will nurse less and you won't make as much milk. There is nothing better for your baby than b___st milk. Water is not necessary for a completely b___stfed baby.


Nicole - August 6

My little girl screamed for 2 days straight, and I was convinced I was starving her. The nurse that was attending me the one night showed us how to give a little formula with a feeding tube taped to my b___st to give some substance to my baby's efforts. It worked wonderful, and I had a brand new baby after. We didn't have to keep doing this.. but now I went back to work and my Husband is a stay at home Dad.. if we need to give her a bottle of formula, we can and she will take it. The ped. says that is just fine, as long as most of her feedings are from me.. and avoid giving her bottles during growth spurts...because those are important for milk supply growth. Good luck. Hang in there with it...I thought I would never get it...and it was the first 6 weeks that were the hardest! - August 7

Not always -- but generally -- bottle and b___st dont mix at the beginning. The baby will be confused and after a bottle, it will be harder to get him/her to latch to your b___st. Your best bet is b___st only until it's necessary to give a bottle (i.e. going back to work)


Maleficent - August 7

i have never used both with the same baby, but i know women who do. my suggestion is to start with the b___st and keep at it untill you have a good latch going. (this took about a week for me but it's different for everyone.) it's important to know that nursing is what keeps your milk production going, the less you nurse the less milk you will make, so if you want to use both methods be sure to nurse on a regular basis. "cold turkey" can lead to painful clogged ducts, it's best to wean gradually.


C - August 7

The girl next to me delivered a 5 # baby and the hospital recommended b___stfeeding, pumping, and they supplemented with formula. I was like, you can do that? I had planned to b___stfeed and pump during the first 6 weeks because I knew I had to go back to work at 6 weeks. I was very afraid that my baby would not take a bottle because this happened to my sister. If I had been a stay at home mom, I think I could have done it without any formula. At my son's first appointment he had gone from 8#13oz. down to 8 #'s and his doctor was very nervous that my milk still had not come in at 5 days. At the doctor's office my son was screaming (he was probably starving) so I had a sample in my diaper bag and my husband fed it to him. I came home and used my b___st pump for the first time and then luckily my milk came in that night. Now, my son is 3 months old and is in the 95% for both height and weight. I use only about 10 oz. of formula a day. I did switch to Nestle Goodstart because I thought he was getting ga__sy from other formulas. I went on their website and signed up and they now send me $11 coupons so it's actually less expensive with the coupons than other formulas. I think with my second child I will try my hardest to stay home longer and I will probably supplement less. I'm just very happy that my son will take whatever I give to him.



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