Breastfeeding And Sleeping Through The Night

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Lisa - March 11

Is it reasonable to try and have my 13 week old sleep through the night (5-6hours) even though I am br___tfeeding? My pediatrician says let her cry...I can't. Some friends have said no because br___t milk doesn't fill them up as much as formula. Help, I need some sleep.


siria - April 5

the beast thing you can do is b___stfeed your baby on the bead mi baby sleep with me some times


michelle - April 5

Sleep is a developmental issue. Some babies sleep all night younger, some older. Everybody eventually learns how to sleep all night long. If your baby is waking at night, he needs you. I think 3 mos is a little young to worry about her not sleeping through the night.


Cathy - April 6

I co-sleep. I feed my daughter (8weeks old) and put her in her crib which is next to my bed, when she wakes up I just pop her into bed with us with a pillow between her and my partner. She then feeds whenever she likes until the morning. If she doesnt settle she comes in with us all night. I never fall into a deep sleep but I feel like Ive had a good sleep. I love cuddling my newborn, smelling her hair and listening to the cute little snuffle sounds she makes while she's asleep next to me. Co-sleeping is safer than most people say, after all it's what we all did up until a few hundred years ago and most Eastern countries still do it. Cathy.


miss.f - April 7

try giving the baby a couple tablespoons of pablum before bed, that should tide her over.


michelle - April 8

It's a myth that feeding babies solids will help them sleep longer. And it can cause a bunch of problems. Babies wake for more reasons than hunger.


Maleficent - April 8

i would NEVER go back to any doctor who told me to let my 13 week old cry themselves to sleep. b___st milk does a fine job of filling them up, but it's so easy on their tummies that it is easily digested. which does mean more frequent feedings. DONT give her solids to try and get her to sleep longer. it works because their little bodies have to litterally shut down to do the work it takes to digest foods they are not ready for. if she suddenly seems to be nursing more and more it could be a growth spurt, wich can be ant answer you have been waiting for. the more she grows, the bigger her tummy gets, and (hopefully) the longer she will sleep.


J - April 14

Both my sisters b___stfed and the first sister didn't get sleep for an entire year with her first 2 children because they always wanted to eat and my other sister is still b___stfeeding twice a night and her son is 6 months. I don't know what to tell you. I couldn't b___stfeed and my son slept at 6 weeks.


Maleficent - April 15

well every baby is different. my nursling was sleeping through the night at 5 months.


lilmum - April 16

my b___stfed son was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks (i was scared). He did well until we put him on formula at 4 months, and then he woke up at night due to gas :( Every baby is different, and i would not worry about your baby sleeping through the night until around a year old (they're growth slows alot then). Your baby may have a small tummy, and therefore need to eat more often. Possibly try cluster feeding close to bed time?? If your baby won't take it, don't force it. But still don't worry, nap when they nap and you should get plenty of sleep. Good luck.


debbie - April 24

Your baby is YOUNG! I have a 16 month old b___stfed son who still gets up about 5 times a night. Not only does your b___st milk not fill her tummy for as long as formula b___stfeeding is also a comfort for her. She wakens in the night and longs for your is the most natural need for a be with her mother. Also you are TOTALLY right not to let her cry. It is a quick fix to let them "cry it out" but at who's expense? A good rule of thumb, if it makes you feel uncomfortable or question you instincts as a mother it is probably not right for you or your sweet little girl. She is SO young still don't deny her the only comfort she knows, she will grow and not need you soon enough.


Lisa - May 2

Make sure when you baby wakes up at night, it is due to hunger. My 13 week old now wakes up only once at night, but seems very satisfied to take a pacifier and go back to sleep until morning. Your baby may just need a little help in learning to go back to sleep. (We did this with my son, and soon he slept all the way through the night).


c - May 2

Lisa... my 2 month old b___stfed baby sleeps anywhere from 6 to 9 hours at night. i think it is deffinantly reasonable to believe that your baby can... but whether or not she is ready to is up to her. some babies don't sleep through the night for quite a while. i've read that it is a good idea to put your baby to bet at night and then right before you go to bed, say around 10 or 11, get her out of bed and b___stfeed her again. but make sure you don't fully wake her up... like do it somewhere where she won't be stimulated by noise or light. As for what you pediatrition said... that is purely his opinion... not doctors orders. you need to do whats right for you. if you feel you should pick your baby up when she is crying you deffinantly should! your baby is still very young. I like to let her make noises and whimper in her crib for around 15 min before i get her.... sometimes she will go back to sleep on her own. Just my opinion... but i never let her lay in bed and scream. anyway hope this helps!


JF - May 4

I really like the dumb baby comment. My son was formula fed and he is above average for his age. You are real intelligent!


Donica - May 9

My baby is two weeks old and b___stfed...he sleeps 6 hours through the night (I lucky can you get?) He's gaining weight are we doing it? "Gut Busters" I started pumping between feedings when we got home from the hospital in the daytime to up my supply of milk. We started having a little too much b___stmilk in the fridge and were afraid of it going bad so my husband gave him about 4-6 oz from a bottle right before we went to bed for a few nights (aka, "the gut buster")...and we didn't hear a peep out of him until morning. The baby loves it, and so do we.



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