Breastfeeding Baby Stories

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April - November 14

We always hear how hard breatfeeding is/was for women. I would like to hear from some moms who had an easy time br___tfeeding. I'll start. Both my kids latched well and I've always had tons of milk. With my first I had a bit of a br___t infection that went away within 2 days. My br___tfeeding experience has been wonderful!


haha - November 14

good for you.


Jamie - November 15

You know, honestly, hearing a "good" b___stfeeding story sounds almost like because I had such a hard time at the beginning. Now, of course, b___stfeeding is a breeze, which is good, since my daughter won't touch formula. I guess she agrees with the mantra "b___st is best".


Sophia - November 16

My baby is now two weeks old, and i am b___stfeeding exclusively. She latched as soon as she was born! She feeds from both b___sts and sleeps like a baby after feeding!


Tami - November 17

I have actually had a pretty easy time. My daughter had a hard time eating for the first couple days-she couldn't latch on properly and we would have to try over and over, which would make her so mad. After a couple days though, she got it and has done great ever since. I was very scared to b___stfeed after the horror stories I had heard, so I think it is good to hear some positive stories as well.


Sarah - November 18

I also have had a good experience. My dd latched on right away. The only problem I had was overactive letdown/oversupply-It was terrible!!!! But its better now.


Christy - November 18

I thought I was going to die the first three days- I was totally ready to give up. My 11-day old is doing pretty well with it now. He is getting a bit cutesy about latching on in the past day or two, trying to take charge of my b___st and fight me on how and where to latch (which he does not do well- typical guy!) Overall, though, it is going a lot better for us and I am glad that I am doing it.


amapolitamomma - November 18

It was hard for me at first, but then it became very easy. My best b___stfeeding memory is one of the last times I nursed my baby. She was 10 months old and we went to the pumpkin patch. I didn't think she would be hungry, so we were out in the middle of nowhere, about 1/2 mile of pumpkin fields around us and she started fussing and nuzzling me. I didn't have a blanket, and was wearing a b___ton down shirt. It was very crowded, but finally I said, "what the hell". We sat under a great big, secluded oak tree on a large pumpkin and I just whipped it out. There were mountains all around us and it was such a wonderful, beautiful moment. She weaned herself, cold-turkey, the next weekend.



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