Breastfeeding Classes

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DinaAW - March 15

The hospital where I am delivering only offers br___tfeeding classes on wednesday nights and that is the one night I can't do it because of work. I am wondering how many of you moms out there actually took a class before nursing? Is it really necessary? I am reading lots of book and talking to some close freinds who have that enough? Should I look into another hospitals classes?


DANI - March 15

Dina, honestly, I felt that the b'feeding cla__ses weren't that informative. I thought hands on was much better (in the hospital) and also finding a lactation specialist was key. All the nurses in the hospital had so many different views on the "right" & "wrong" of b'feeding, but if you find yourself a good lactaion specialist thats the best advice ever. I would recommend not taking the cla__s and see how you do in the hospital.....good luck!


Ginny - March 16

I didn't take a cla__s, and Baby Girl nurses like a champion. I agree with DANI, that actually doing it was the best. In our hospital, every time I had any problem, I just had to press the nurse b___ton and someone would come help. There was also a lactaion consultant on staff who stopped by even when I wasn't having problems, just to check up. She also encouraged me to call her from home with any problems. I was really nervous about all the problems I've heard about, but once you've done it a few times, it doesn't seem like a big "unknown"any more, and even things like engorgement aren't as threatening as before. Since you are reading and talking to people, you're probably going to do great.


Heidi - March 16

I couldn't take one cus the cla__s wasn't available till after my due date. I did a lot of reading but like Ginny said, the nurses were always helping me and encouraging me and showing me tips and so on and would come running anytime I had problems. For some reason I just took to it so naturally....which is funny cus I knew NOTHING of babies. Five months later it's still easy as pie!



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