Breastfeeding In Public

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christine - October 18

how do you handle this? do you br___tfeed anywhere and everywhere? do you pump and take that? or formula? just need some advice... im a new mom br___tfeeding. thanks


Jamie - October 18

Do whatever you're comfortable with. I personally just wear loose clothing, and find somewhere in a corner where I can sit. Baby goes under the shirt, and we're fine. I'm actually more self-consious about belly showing than b___st, so...*shrug* Do what feels right for you.


momma - October 18

in the malls by me there are nusing rooms and chairs in the bathrooms (most of the time) but usually when i was out while i was nusing my daughter i had a bottle or two with so i didnt have to nurse while i was out, the nusing camis are great no matter where you are i also through a blanket over my shoulder and the baby (leaving it so that i could see the baby) then with the blanket over us noone could see anything


Jamie - October 18

I personally avoid nursing in bathrooms - but that's me...I won't even take a soda into a bathroom, cause it seems so dirty to me, so I won't make my daughter eat in one, either. Just so you know - federal law (U.S.) states that you have the right to nurse your child any place where you are allowed to be.


Jenn... - October 18

Blake gets way to distracted for me to nurse him in public except for a few occasions. When he lets me I just put a lightweight receiving blanket over my shoulder and that blocks us. If he is too distracted I will go out to my car and nurse him - my windows are tinted.


mom42 - October 19

I generally feed the baby wherever I am (no bathrooms, though). I have started carrying her in a sling and it makes nursing discreetly in public a breeze. I'm the same way, though, about my belly showing. YUCk!


April - October 23

I also use a sling to nurse in public. I have had people come up to me and stick there heads in to see the baby because they don't realize I'm nursing. Jamie/mom42 I am the same way about my tummy so I have come up with a solution. I wear a tank top, low cut, under my regular shirt. When I nurse, I pull the regular shirt up and the tank top down. It's great everything is covered!


wenling - October 23

i have terrible stretch marks on my tummy so i'm very uncomfortable about showing it. So I wear a camisoleAnd just pull down one side of the strap. and sometimes a receiving bklanket on top of it. I can't wear a loose t shirt cos my baby likes to make eye contact when he feeds. So i can't cover him up. no eye contact =no latch. oh i go to nursing rooms if i can make it in time otherwise anywhere will do, what i do sometimes is go to changin rooms. especially shops that have little people, they don't mind if you ask them nicely.


mom42 - October 25

April-that is a good idea for belly-covering. That happens to me too-people peeking in the sling. I don't think to stop them because I kind of forget that I'm nursing.


mommy - October 25

It is personal preferance. I nursed in public but I made sure I shopped in stores that had a nursing room. I also used a sling and I helped to make things inconspicuous. Just make sure if you do bring a bottle of b___st milk you will need to pump asap so you don't mess up the supply and demand system.


C - October 29

At first I didn't nurse in public because he was such a slow nurser. Now he gets distracted too easily. I bring either a bottle of expressed milk or formula when we go out. The few times I have b___stfed in public I just found a quiet place. In regards to it being Federal law I looked this up because I remember there being a news story on this recently.: When someone asks a woman to cover-up during b___stfeeding or move to someplace more private, it is often because this person is s_xualizing the act of b___stfeeding rather than viewing it as a natural, nurturing act. What people do not realize is that many infants cannot eat while covered up and a nursing mother should not be made to feel embarra__sed for feeding her child. Too many women have been made to feel this way, including one woman who was asked to stop b___stfeeding in the children's section of a Borders Books and Music store in Glendale, Calif. In 1999, the California Women's Law Center sued Borders on behalf of this nursing mother. Borders settled and agreed to educate its employees about the right to b___stfeed in public. Even after the Borders case, many people continue to hara__s b___stfeeding mothers. Unfortunately, in states with no laws about b___stfeeding in public, individual courts will determine the extent of a nursing mother's right. For example, in Derungs v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., a district court in Ohio held that discrimination against b___stfeeding women is not s_x discrimination in violation of Ohio's public accommodation laws. Ohio currently has no law protecting a woman's right to b___stfeed in public and, so while a woman still has the right to do so, it is not illegal for someone to hara__s her for doing so.


Kim - November 2

I have no problem with b___stfeeding in public. As long as you try to be as discreet as you can. Once I was in line at Walmart, and this woman in front of me had her baby hanging off of her b___b that was right out there!! That's kinda disturbing!! But I do think b___stfeeding is a natural, beautiful thing!


Beth - November 6

I b___stfed my son for 14 months as he wouldnt take anything other THEN that, only one time did I feed him in public,other then a changing room that is.Im 100 percent for b___stfeeding but I totally disagree with women flopping their b___b out in the food court!Also There are a pile of places you can feed your baby OTHER then a bathroom.


HEATHER - November 6



Jamie - November 6

I gotta disagree on the nursing tops - I only have nursing bras; regular t-shirts can just be pulled up, b___ton shirts can be partially unb___toned - it works. I don't own a single nursing top, and I've been b___stfeeding in public for 3 months - never had a moment of indiscretion, either.


Jodie - November 7

If a food court is good enough for you to eat then its good enough for a baby aswell. There are teenage girls walking around in tiny lil tops exposing more b___st than b___stfeeding mothers


Alice - November 7

No body said a food court isnt good enough for a baby to eat, they said they disagree with plopping a b___b out IN the food court.Whats pathetic is if a man were to sit there and LOOK at the womens b___st HE would be the one thats in the wrong. As for teenagers wearing more revealing clothes. I disagree with that as I have NEVER seen any one OTHER then a b___stfeeding mother exposing herself like that in a public place and get away with it. There is a place for everything and b___stfeeding women should go to that place when doing so. I also b___st fed my child for over a year without feeling the need to expose myself. Even with a blanket you still show your b___st. I know, I have been there.



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