Breastfeeding Is SO Complicated

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ssmith - May 19

My daughter is 3 weeks old, and I think br___tfeeding is going okay...but I have a few questions/concerns. How long do I let her nurse on one side? How do you know when she has emptied the br___t? I am concerned that she is not getting the fatty "hindmilk." I would REALLY appreciate some help...thanks in advance!


Karen S - May 19

I always squeeze my b___st once I feel like it's empty and if nothing comes out then I know it's done. But Im no expert


olivia - May 19

hey ssmith. You never really 'know' in my opinion. You just make sure she nurses at least 7-10 minutes on one side. And if her poops stay yellow, you're doing great. If they turn green, you need to nurse a little longer on one side. You have about 3 weeks left of the hard part then nursing gets much much easier! Try not to worry about doing anything wrong. As long as your baby is latching and growing you are doing great! Congratulations.


ssmith - May 20

Thank you Olivia...that's very rea__suring! Sometimes she just seems discontent after a feeding, and I can't tell if she's still hungry (genuinely hungry) or just fussy...the poop is yellow though...yeah!


Susan W - May 20

A baby really can't ever empty a b___st. Milk is always being produced. I never really measured the time, but I watched my baby's suckle pattern. If he was nursing well, I let him go for a while and then switched when his pattern really slowed down. If your baby is making plenty of yellow/mustardy stools and has a wet diaper at every change, you're giving her enough. Sometimes they are still fussy after eating. You could try burping and then seeing if she's still hungry or if she's wet or poopy (gosh, it seemed like DS pooped after every nursing!!) or ready for a nap. You're doing just fine. It will totally get easy for you here very soon.


sparkles - May 21

Don't worry about the hindmilk. Your baby is going to get what she needs to grow, as ong as she's getting enough milk. I worried about the same thing, as my baby girl never really emptied my b___sts totally. Plus, she spits up a lot. But then she gained 3 1/2 lbs. by her one month visit and grew almost 2 in.! Just let your baby nurse as long as she wants to on one side, then switch to the other side if she still seems hungry and seemed to have nursed all the milk out one side. Breast feeding will get better as you do it more. I had a hard time in the beginning, but didn't give up. It is soooo much better after the first several weeks. Good luck!


ssmith - May 21

Thanks for the support and encouragement means SO much!!


LauraS - May 30

My lactation consultant described it to me as one b___st is the meal and the other is dessert. In the first couple of months I would start on one b___st (alternating the starting b___st with each feeding) and let my baby nurse there for about 15-20 minutes and then I would switch and let her finish up for a few minutes on the other. Once she got to be about 4-5 months old I fed only on one side per feeding and alternated with each feeding. It was always more comfortable for me for her to nurse on the left b___st and by the time she was a year old she was nursing on that b___st only. Your b___sts will compensate and if one is getting more demand than the other it will make more milk than the other. The body is really a wonder.



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