Breastfeeding Lying Down

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ssmith - July 3

I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions about how to nurse while lying on your side. My daughter is 2 months old now, and we have tried a couple of times to br___tfeed lying down...but we cannot seem to get it right. Its always awkward and the latch is never right etc etc etc. i would like to be able to do it, especially in the morning. Thanks!


luvacuppajoe - July 3

Make sure she's laying so that her head is slightly tilted back, which opens her mouth and throat...rather than having her lay so that she's facing straight on or with her head down slightly, with her chin toward her chest. Takes a bit of practice but when you get it, it's a very comfortable way to b/f.


Susan W - July 3

See if La Leche League has an article on how to do it. . . They might, as I haven't looked in a while. There could be pictures too. I know, for me, the typical advice to lay the baby's head on my arm did not work. He had to lay on the bed, and I laid next to him and then made a sideways sandwich for him to "bite" and then latched him on, pulling his body in close. It does take practice, and women with smaller b___sts and a bigger baby apparently have an easier time learning.


C - July 3

I never mastered this task. I also felt too uncomfortable. I learned to get comfortable on my back with a couple of pillows.


babyO - July 5

It would help me to pt a pillow by my back so I was slightly elevated...def more comfortable and allows you to rest


Renee-Marie - July 9

I did this today for the first time and it worked. Place baby on your chest as if you were going to let him/her sleep on you. If you want baby to lay on your left side - put the inside of your left elbow over babys neck and use the other arm to hold the tushie against you - slowly roll to your left. You can leave your left arm in place - your babys head will be cradled in your elbow - and body will be facing you. I have tried doing this in the past but today was my first successfull try!


Renee-Marie - July 9

CLARIFICATION - baby is tummy to tummy with you while laying on your chest. The right arm just holds his/her tushie while you roll over.


Alycia - July 9

Renee-Marie - Do you latch the baby before or after you roll?


Renee-Marie - July 9

Alycia, no I don't. I just use the roll to get him and myself into a comfy cuddly position. Are you going to try it??? :-)


Alycia - July 10

I will try that. I keep trying while lying down, but I just can't get him latched properly... it's like I need another hand!


allyira - July 10

sometimes I will let him latch on first then lay down and roll to the side.


lori - July 21

I lay baby flat on the bed and lay on my side beside him so his mouth is at b___st level then i use the arm i am lying on scoop around his head to his back and roll him on his side and snug him onto my b___st . I use my other free hand to secure the latch and make sure he is tight up against me, then i slide a pillow under my head and i can fall right to sleep.



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