Breastfeeding Nightmare

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JLO - May 8

I am a first time mom but I consider myself a pro when it comes to br___tfeeding. Every problem the doc warned me about happened to me so any problem you are having I am pretty sure I went through it and could give you some advice. I had plugged up ducts, mast_tis(whick formed an abcess that needed to be surgically \drained) and craked dry bleeding nipples. my little oe had trouble latching on and somehow we made it through and are still br___tfeeding. I am here if anyone wants to vent about their expereince cause i know firsthand that it is not all wonderful


Karen S - May 8

Hi Jlo I have been a mom for almost 5 days now and b___st feeding wasn't bad in the begining but now Im in pain and Im not sure If Im doing it all right. At first before my milk came in I was feeding my son for like 45 min to an hour. Now that my milk had come in he feeds for like 5 min and goes back to sleep. Than he's up every hour trough the night only eating for like 5 to 10 min. Also my nipples aren't cracked or bleeding yet but are so soar. When he sucks on them Im like biting a recieving blanket because they hurt so bad. Any info would help please


karlynn17 - May 11

Karen S, that feeling of wanting to scream when they latch on lasted 10 days for me, so you're hopefully half way done (I've heard 7-10 days from lots of other people too). Good luck and let us know :)


Karen S - May 12

Thanks karlynn17, actually it has been getting better! It still hurts every once in awhile but Im defentily getting used to it all! Thanks for your response!


JLO - May 13

Just stick it out like karlynn said. What you really need to worry about is when they start cracking just make sure you are using the correct posistioning. Also, if you notice and hard red sections on our b___st have them checked asap. They could be a sign of infection.


Karen S - May 13

What do you mean red? Like red patches on my b___st or my nipples being red? I noticed yesterday that my right nipple was bright red but I haven't felt any pain. Do you think Im ok?


JLO - May 14

It is not the nipple being red. It is like a hard patch on the b___st. It feels like a hard flat lump if that makes since. It starts to look red around the area and what it is is an abcess froming. if it is just your nipples yu are doing fine and keep up the good work the pain is almost over!


Karen S - May 14

Thanks JLO Happy Mothers Day! I hope you have a great one:)



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