Breastfeeding No Period Am I Pregnant

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mama - April 5

My husband and I have been having unprotected s_x and using the pull-out method. I bled for about 7 days when I was about 5 weeks post partum. I'm not sure if it was a period or not. I haven't bled since then but I'm br___tfeeding...could I be pregnant?


moe - April 5

Hi, I am also currently b___stfeeding my 7 mo old and you will not get a period if you are b___stfeeding! I haven't had one since September but I got my first period a week ago only because I stopped pumping and dumping at work, and the dr told me I would dry up within 3 mo because I work and I am not pumping, he only eats when i get home and throughout the night. Although you still could be pregnant and still can get pregnant while b___stfeeding and that s the same method my husband and I used and it is only 60% effective so I would be careful, ( who am I to tell u to be careful whn Iam doing the same thing LOL) My Dr told me you are going to get pregnant using the pull out method! I haven't yet but we are now using those nasty condoms but it is normal and pretty nice not to get your period while b___stfeeding as long as the baby is b___stfeeding every 4 hrs or you pump at work at least once a day, pretty nice not having a period so enjoy it while you can, I hope I have helped and Good Luck!


Cathy - April 5

You can use the mini pill (progesterone only pill) while you are b___stfeeding. Ive also heard that you can have the depot provera injection while b___stfeeding too. It's very common not to have a period while you are regularly b___stfeeding, I think the average time for periods to return is around 9 -13 months if you are still feeding the baby every 4-6 hours or so. If your baby is less than 6 months old and is being exclusively b___stfed the chances of you being pregnant are low but it is possible. The pull out method is very unreliable, one of my sister got pregnant twice using this method. Cathy


mama - April 11

Thanks for the advice guys..yeah i know the pull-out method isn't the best...and im ready to get on the minipill...because i am nowhere near ready to have another baby!



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