Breastfeeding Question First Time Mom

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aaaaaaaaaa - February 25

This might be a little bit of a weird question... I'm not super excited about br___t feeding (it just seems odd to me, I dont know why), but have determined that I will do it - or at least try it out and see how things go. The thing is, I have to return to work within a month, so I will have to pump and give him the bottle. How often am I going to have to pump? I work at a small office with 95% guys, so I dont know how exactly I will work pumping at work. If he has to be supplemented with formula, I think I would be okay with that - I am more worried about my br___ts exploding when I'm out of the house. Any thoughts?


Tammy276 - February 25

if you want to keep your milk supply up, you will have to pump at work...otherwise #1, you will be in a lot of pain, and #2, you will dry up. YOu will need to find a private office, or supply closet or something where you can pump at least twice while you are at work if you work an 8 hour day. I don't think any woman is super excited about b___stfeeding at first, I know I wasn't, but I gave it a try and I loved it (even though I didn't produce enough and only b___stfed for like 3 months)....I plan on b___stfeeding again after I have my little girl.


Mommy_to_be - February 25

Tammy is should probably pump about every 3 to 5 hours to be comfortable and to keep up your milk supply. Around 5 hours of not feeding (I have a cla__s twice a week to finish my degree) my b___bs were as hard as rocks!


aaaaaaaaaa - February 26

Hmm, like what I was hoping would work out woud be to pump or feed him before I leave for work at like 9:30, and then maybe come home at lunch time (like 1 or 2) and pump, and then I'm home by 6:30. Thatd be like 4-5 hours between. Anyone think I will explode in that time frame (this'd only be 3x a week as thats all I'll have to go into the office). Sucks cos the only private place in here is the bathroom... and there's only ONE so if I holed up in there for a half hour or more I'm sure I'd have more than one angry person banging on the door!


DB - February 26

I don't think it will take you a half an hour to pump. It takes me 15 minutes max to empty my b___sts, but it may depend on which pump you have. I'm bf and still not super excited about it, but I know it's best for the baby and it's much easier than preparing bottles!!


Lala - February 26

check out some of the nursing clothes online. I've found some with very neat ideas. You can't even tell that the top is open to the baby. looks just like the mom is only holding the baby. Maybe that would work for pumping if you have a somewhat private spot where you won't be disturbed.? just an idea



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