Breastfeeding Second Time Around

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C - December 30

For those of you that br___tfed more than one child. Did you have a lot of the same problems you did with the first? I was under the assumption that with my next child I wouldn't have the cracked nipples and pain at first. That was until my sister started br___tfeeding in October and she had the same pain again. She was surprised too. Her last child that she br___tfed is now 4 so maybe that is why?


JL - December 30

Yes, I am having problems too. I am b___stfeeding #2 right now. He is almost 6 weeks old and I am actually planning to wean him. This is such an emotional issue and I cry all the time (probably the post-partum playing in here too!). I feel guilty because I b___stfed my older child for a full year and now plan to wean this child. My older one is 3 now and is sort of a high-need type of kid due to her temperment. I am having problems with my son's latch, sore nipples, and thrush, so it takes a really long time to nurse him. This is just not working well with my 3 year old. I had a lot of problems nursing her, but back then I was a stay-at-home mom with one child and could devote all of my time to getting b___stfeeding right. Now that b___stfeeding my 2nd baby is also difficult, it has just become almost impossible to manage with the dynamics of my family and I am not enjoying the experience at all. I am trying to figure out my next steps.


Delores - December 30

Hang in there JL, you'll be glad you did. I just went back to b___stfeeding after trying bottles for a week. It's much more exhausting. Now I'm working on getting my supply back up. You'll get past the hard times. Get some help from a lactation consultant or a La Leche League leader. The rest of us will be pulling for you.


C Too - December 31

The last time my nipples were sore, but this time they were sore and bled. (I'm glad it doesn't last long!) The last time baby had a good latch, this time baby needs some work. The last time my right didn't produce as well, this time it's the same as the left, maybe even better. So, it can be different each time.


April - December 31

I feel bad saying both my kids have been great at nursing. The only time I ever had nipple pain was when I had a plugged duct. I do have to keep a close eye on my one b___st though. I have one duct that doesn't drain properly all the time so I have to make sure baby is emptying it otherwise I start to get mast_tis.


C - December 31

My problems were with my son was my milk took awhile to come in so I pumped and I must have had it too high. I think that is what caused the bleeding. Then I had flat nipples so he would try to latch and just start to scream. I had to use a nipple shield and that helped. At 3 months he started to latch on w/ no problems. I just figured w/ more experience on my end there would be less problems the second time around. I guess time will only tell. Thanks!



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