Breastfeeding Session Time Too Long Or Short

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S - October 24

Hi, I would like to know how long should I br___tfeed in each session to be sure baby is getting enough? I noticed my son spits up a lot when he eats more than 20minutes..shall I start make those feedings a bit shorter to prevent that from happening?


Jamie - October 25

My daughter nurses for about 30 minutes, but I only give her one side, to make sure she's getting hindmilk. If your son spits up after 20 minutes, burp him around 15 minutes; he's probably spitting up because of an air pocket in his tummy. If that doesn't help, then stop nursing for 5 minutes or so at the 20 minute mark; after 5 minutes, see if he's still interested in nursing.


wenling - October 25

I think it differs from person to person. My baby have never nurse for more than 10 mins since birth! had me worried in the early days.


Jenn - October 25

I would say if he's spitting up at certain time, stop before that time, burp him, then let him feed some more from the other side if you think he's still hungry. If you don't let him eat until he's full, the next time he eats, he's more likely to go at it like he's starving since he know's he's got a limited time, which will only make the air bubbles worse.


KFish - October 26

I nursed my son 10 minutes on each side, total of 20 minutes. I would burp him inbetween. Jamie- My lactation nurse told me that you should nurse on both sides to keep milk up. She advised me that one of the processes of weaning is just to feed on one b___st per feeding.


Jamie - October 27

KFish, I appreciate the advice, but I had so much milk that my daughter would nurse one side til she was full, and I could still pump 4 to 6 ounces from that same side. I could pump ten or more ounces from the side she didn't nurse on. So, *my* lacation consultant told me to only nurse one side at a time, and alternate with each feeding.


April - October 27

KFish - That may be true for some women. However some women make a lot of milk. I only feed from one side at every feeding. I joke that I could easily feed triplets. I truly think I could. For S Every baby is different. Every baby eats different too. Sorry, I know that doesn't help much. My baby spits up a lot projectile style if I don't burp him often during feeds. So I try and burp him after every letdown. As long as your baby is gaining weight as it should I wouldn't worry. Spitting up is annoying. Trust me I know. The good news is (I read) that is by the time baby is 6 months it should be a lot better.


Jenn... - October 27

When my son was spitting up frequently my lactation consultant and pediatrician advised me to start feeding from only one b___st at a time, if he was hungry again within an hour to offer the same b___st. Spitting up is there way of self regulating when their tummy is overfull. This was when he was about 3 weeks old. Now that he is almost 5 months I am able to feed from both sides when he cues for it.


C - October 29

Usually when they spit up it's because their tummies are too full. For now I'd take him off b4 20 mintues and give him a burp. Then see how he reacts. If he still acts hungry, offer the other side. My son would suckle till the son came up if I had let him. My routine became 20 minutes on side one and then however long it took on side two. He never seemed to spit up. After awhile he started only needing about 10 minutes on each side because I think he became more proficient at the task. I swear it got so much easier after the first 6 weeks. I'm not sure if that's because that's when I went back to work or not. Now my son is 6 months and I can no longer exclusivly b___stfeed him on the weekends. He gets too distracted and fusses at the b___st. I end up giving him a bottle, then I pump, and there's plenty of milk there. I think he's just getting used to the fast nipple on a bottle. I think I should have stuck with the slow flow nipple. Too late now.


S - October 30

Thank you all guys for your imput. I ended up burping my son a few times when I feed him. He usually takes one side for 15 minutes and then for another 5 mins the other side. Frequent burping and proping him up after feeding or putting him into bouncer help us stay almost spit up free!



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