Breastfeeding TMI

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pueppschen - January 24

Hi ladies, I am pregnant, and I was wondering whether br___tfeeding feels similar to when men suck br___ts while s_x. I ask this because my nipples are always tender ( I am only 19 weeks pregnant) and I am too frightened whether it would be more after I give birth. any help would be greatly appreciated.


kellens mom - January 24

It does not feel like that to me. I will say that the first month hurt because I had nipple issues and did not seek help in correcting the problem. I can't really discribe the feeling of nursing...i guess it feels like nothing (I can say this after 9 months! - as mentioned, they hurt in the beginning). The part that makes me feel good is looking down at my little one and cuddling. That is were the "goodstuff" comes in to play. It is the best when those little eyes finally look up at you and glimmer (a couple months old?).


Wellis10 - January 24

In my opinion No, when a man suckles on my b___st it can be overwhelming. To much sucking. Like his going to put a hicky on my nipple. I hate that. In the beginning of b___stfeeding you need to make sure that he (baby) latches correctly or it will become very painful. Your nipples will crack and get very sore if the latching isn't correct. At the hospital, someone will help you if you need it. It was painful to me for the first week b/c my nipples were not use to it. Now after 2 months, you can feel the baby sucking....but not to the piont that it hurts. Your baby is only going to suck to get milk. Once he gets it, his not going to suck harder. Your baby wants to do as little as possible to get the milk. So your baby will eventually know how much sucking power it will take to get the milk out and you will be use to it by then. Sometimes I feel like I can feel the milk flowing thou my b___st....sometimes I can feel when my milk lets down. I can also tell when I am about to leak. Every women is differnet. I may be able to feel this but another may not. I think that I am pretty lucky.


pueppschen - January 25

thanks a lot ladies, that was very much helpful. allevated my fear a little. :) thanks again


Miriam - January 25

exactly, its like kellens mom, said after a while it kind of feels like nothing.



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