Breastfeeding Ttc Ovulation

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cla - December 3

Hey guys Im new to this forum and have a few questions. Would be greatful if anyone can give me some advice:) I have been br___tfeeding for 11months and I have had periods since my so was 6 months. We have been tryin for a baby since he was 3wks oldand its just not happening. I have had 5 periods since they came back after br___tfeeding and I only feed him twice now. Its so disheartening to get a period each month and we have plenty of 'sessions' during the middle of the month. Just wondered if anyone else took ages. Also does having periods mean Im ovulating each month. They are regular and around every 5wks. Thanks:)


Emmie - December 4

I got my period when my son was about 8 months. We started ttc when he was 12 months(still nursing) We finally got pg when nathan was 18 months old(still nursing) I think that the b___stfeeding may slow down the pregnancy possibility just a little!


excited2bemama - December 4

Dh and I use natural family planning so I am pretty good with all this stuff.. Just because you have regular periods does NOT mean you are ovulating.. its pretty likely you are but you need to watch for fertile mucus ( clear, stetchy, copous type stuff... you can try to get an ovulator predictor test.


Teddyfinch - December 5

*supposedly* b___stfeeding is 90% effective in preventing pregnancy. but i've heard of a loooot of women getting pregnant right after their baby was born. good luck though, and enjoy all those sessions ;-) the fun's in the trying right? lol


maryg - December 5

Have ever read about the herb vitex or chasteberry? I took it to help me conceive and it worked like a charm. It's supposed to be helpful in regulating ovulation in b___stfeeding moms too. You should google "vitex b___stfeeding" and see what you think. I took it for ONE cycle and got pregnant after trying got nearly a year--but I wasn't b___stfeeding at the time. Good luck to you!


Kristin72 - December 8

Have you tried OPK's or basal monitoring? I fell pregnant while bf'ing this past September when my baby was 8 months. I however lost the baby due to an ectopic. OPK"S can help you pinpoint ovulation as can the bsal monitoring. you should also chart your info via fertility friend. I am wanting to ttc again but am waitin on a test to make sure my tubes are not blocked before ttc again. P.S. My periods returned at 6 months and I fell pregnant the first month I tried. Good Luck to you.



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