Breastfeeding Weaning Amp Work

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Autumn - March 23

I have been br___tfeeding my two month old since day one. Before returning to work a few weeks ago, I introduced formula gradually to my baby without any problems. I work in the office two days a week and only br___tfeed before and after work as well as at bedtime those days. I was told by my midwife to nurse as much as possible the other days that I am at home. I have now decided to stop br___tfeeding and do not know how to stop slowly since I have already not been nursing much two days a week. Can anyone help with a weaning schedule for someone in my situation? I introduced formula because pumping was not comfortable for me. Plus, my right nipple is cracked and my baby spit up blood this morning because I was apparently bleeding and did not know it. So, I do not want to feed her from the right br___t until I know I am healed. Any suggestions!?!


michelle - March 23

I suggest calling a lactation consultant or speaking to someone from La Leche League. LLL should be in your phone book or call information for a local leader. She should be able to give you better info re: the cracked nipple. If your nipple is cracked then your baby is probably not latching or wasn't latching on properly. If you want to wean, you should start by replacing one feeding a day with formula on the days you are not working. Continue as you are on the days you are working. Take at least three days before dropping another feeding. You would be better off taking a week between dropping feedings. If at any time you become engorged slow down even further. If you were comfortable using a pump and didn't have a cracked nipple, would you reconsider weaning? You may want to consider a different pump. Avent Isis is pretty good. Stay away from pumps made by formula or bottle manufacturers; they tend to be rather rough to use. You need to either feed or pump the injured b___st. If you do not, you run the risk of engorgement which is very painful and can lead to a clogged duct or mast_tis. The blood won't hurt your baby. You run a greater risk of getting an infection from the baby with that cracked nipple. Try Lansinoh until you can talk to someone about curing it. Good luck. I check this bb regularly if you have any other questions.



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