Breastfeeding With An Early Schedules Csection

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mommietobe - May 3

I'm having a csection at 36 wks due to a dislocated pelvis. Have any of you had early babies with a cs and br___tfeeding went ok? I heard milk can be harder to come in with a cs that early on.


olivia - May 4

I had a c-section and b___stfeeding went great. My milk came in a little late so my dd lost a little more than most babies before we were discharged, but she gained it back very quickly after my milk came (about day 4). The nurses knew she was getting the colestrum because she spit it up a little, so we just hung in there until the milk arrived. You'll be fine! Lots of football hold for nursing in the beginning, get a boppy for home too.


Susan W - May 4

A friend of mine has had three babies (one a set of twins!) all early via c-section and has exclusively nursed. She said a pillow really helped while the incision was sore. Your milk will come in just as if you had a v____al delivery, which is usually around 2-4 days. Your body is already making colostrum. You'll be just fine :)


mommietobe - May 4

Thanks girls. I didn't bf with my first and I've really regreted it. I'm excited to do it this time. I was planning on taking a cla__s as I know almost nothing about it, but with my pelvis problem I can't. I plan on seeing if they have one of those bf for dummies books, lol. My ob said a lactation consultant can help me get started at the hospital.


JH - May 4

I had my csection at 38 weeks. Went perfectly. One thing my dr. did that got my milk flowing quickly was that I was given bags with oxytocin through my IV. It's the hormone that your body makes for your milk to come in. I had so much milk it took a month to slow down where I could quit leaking. Good Luck!


mommietobe - May 4

Thanks JH, I'm going to ask about that. Is that just like Pitocin? I was given that when I had my first son after the cs. I had him at 40 wks. My milk came in about seven days later and I was engorges right off the bat. It was incredibly painful. I started leaking colostrum about a month ago, so I'm hoping it won't take so long this time.


Jamie - May 5

I had a c-section at 37 weeks due to was born on Wednesday, my milk was in on Friday. I had some problems with her latch for the first several weeks, but I've now been nursing her for 9 months.


Susan W - May 5

Visit a local La Leche League meeting too, before the baby comes. They may also be willing to come help you at the hospital, and I know they help after the baby comes. The help is free. Worth looking into. You can do it. I truly believe that success in b___stfeeding is strictly correlated with how determined the mother is to nurse. Read a lot. I wish I had read more before having baby #1 on nursing. I had this idea that it would be easy and it wasn't quite as I expected :) Your milk will come in just fine without oxytocin (Pitocin). I didn't have any (unmedicated birth), and I still made lots and lots of milk, it came in at 2.5 days, and I leaked for 10 months! It's lots of nursing the first few weeks that will really help you more than any drugs.


mommietobe - May 5

Thanks Susan W. I am very excited to try nursing, a little nervous. I don't plan on giveing up even if it gets hard. My dh is very supportive too. I got the # to my local La Leche League after I read your post and will give them a call. Dh is going out to buy me some books this weekend.


karlynn17 - May 5

Hello, I too had a C section. My milk actually came in quicker than it did with my v____al birth. The milk is signalled after the placenta is pulled out - so not to worry :)



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