Breastfeeding With Large Breasts

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nekilaki - October 23

Hi Ladies. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I really want to be able to br___tfeed my baby boy. My bbs have grown to 40G since I became pregant (I was 36DD before; some of the increase may be due to gaining fatty tissue there). Are there any ladies who are br___tfeeding successfully even though they have larger br___ts? Did you run into any challenges because of this? I appreciate any input. :-)


angelinakai - October 23

I am a 38DD now.. was a 34C before pregnancy. I have no problem at all. The only issue that may be realted to my size is that I make a lot of milk... but I have found that it comes in handy for storing milk. I just pump the extra and freeze it.


nekilaki - October 24

Thanks angelina. I've heard that one issue that can happen is that you have more fatty tissue than actually b___st tissue, which makes you have less milk. So thank you for sharing that this is not the case in your sitation. That helps. Anyone else?


sahmof3 - October 24

I'm a 44DD and have successfully bf'd 3 kids. The one thing that I was never able to do that I know some other women can do is walk around and do other things while nursing the baby. I needed one arm/hand to hold the baby and I needed to hold part of my b___st back a bit with the other hand, because they are so big that part of the b___st would have covered my babies' noses.


denimb__terfly - October 24

I have 40G's and have been b___stfeeding with no problem for 5 weeks now-- they would be bigger if I bought a bigger bra but I refuse to buy a bigger one than 40G. Anyways, I have never heard of big b___sts being a problem and I asked my doctor after seeing your post, and was told that size does not usually have an affect on b___stfeeding. So, I would not worry!!


nekilaki - October 24

Thank you sahmof3 and denimb___terfuly for responses. They are very encouraging. And denim, I know what you mean about not purchasing another size bigger. I'm right there with you :-)


jen327 - October 24

I was a DD before baby now am an H, yes ladies and H I top the charts!!! Any bigger and I would not be able to find a bra. My LO did have trouble latching on because when my b___bs were full the nipple was not out very far. But I used a nipple shield for 8 weeks and now 5 weeks later my son nurses perfectly. My advice is to stick with it and remain calm and focused. I did get upset I had to use a shild but after relaxing and having faith my son would figure it out, he did in his own time. now he is a pro and latches on without any help from me even holding my monster b___bs! Nursing in public is my only issue because without a cover, people tend to stare in amazement at such a small baby eating from such and enormous b___by!



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