Breastfeeds For Comfort And To Sleep Needs To Stop

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Andie - April 27

My 17 month old has been a demand feeder and whille she is wheened during the day if she gets upset she wants to nurse but worst she wants to/ needs to nurse to fall to sleep and to get back to sleep at least 5 times a night. I do not mind that she still nurses but how can I get her to go back to sleep at 1am, 4am and 6 am without her nurseing?


alisa - April 28

i went through this with my son. it sucked but i just had to tough it out and not nurse all of the time. i offered water instead and if he refused that then we would try a pacifier for awhile( just for the sucking action not to sleep with) and lots of rocking . it took a couple of weeks but when he started to realize that he was done with getting nursed he would sleep through the night just fine. but be prepared for some att_tude about the adjustment and if it works be prepared for a very hungry child when she finally does wake up. she is 17 months there really is not need for her to be up that many times in one night anymore. good luck!


marissa - May 10

Give her a bottle and rock her to sleep.


Bionca - May 10

feed the baby until it goes to sleep and if that don't work play with her until she gets tired.


Maleficent - May 11 has wonderful advice on night weaning. at 17 months waking 5 times a night is pretty extream. can you try having dad attend to her when she wakes at night? this did the trick for us. he'd go and rock her and she'd go back to sleep without nursing. over time i could do the same without her demanding to nurse.


Maleficent - May 11

oh, i thought of soemthing else.... how much is she eating during the day? some babies get into the habit of playing all day then "tanking up" at night. the kellymom site will have info on getting that straightend out too.


Happy Mommy - May 12

I have just and am still been going through this. My 19 month old baby has just recently started sleeping through the night. My 14 year old daughter suggested to me to put him in her room and when he woke up she would offer him some milk from a sippy cup (leak-proof). Well, within just a few days it worked! Is there anyone in your family that could take the baby into their room at night and tend to him/her? This was such a blessing to me and I need the rest more than ever now since I just found out that I am pregnant again! :o) I still nurse the baby during the day and before bed and in the morning!



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