Breastfeeds To Go To Sleep Please Respond

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me :) - May 31

well my baby is 6 months old...and from the time he came home the hospital he has slept in the same bed as me....and i mean i dont mind it...but its just hes starting to get teeth...n when its time for bed he eats from me to go to sleep...n if i try to move him to put him in another bed..he wakes up n stays up...and pretty soon i want to try weaning him to a crib...i dont want him to be like 5 n still sleeping in the same bed as me...but what can i do to try to change that habit?? please help!!


C - June 2

My son is 5 weeks and I had the same problem. A lot of people may disagree but I ended up giving him a bottle of formula 30 minutes before bed. Sometimes he falls asleep on his own and other times he nurses for like 5 minutes and falls asleep. I wait till he's really deep sleeping and then I put him to his crib or ba__sinet. It's worked for about 3 weeks and he usually sleeps 4-6 hours. If you are not opposed to supplementing with formula, give it a try.


debbie - June 4

Ok, well my son slept in the same bed with me once he turned six month until a thing I found is that even though I loved having him there my presence would stir him awake just enough for him to realize I was there and then he wanted to nurse. At exactly a year we bought him an actual bed, not a toddler bed but a bed and I nursed him to sleep in his bed and moved back to my own after. But he still wakes up and wants to nurse and he is now 17 months so if you wanted advice on how to not nurse him to sleep or during the night visit the question t_tled something like: 16 months still nurses all! That is me:)...If you want advice on getting him out of your bed try to move him out of your bed 5 to 15 minutes after he has fallen to sleep. Typically babies have a 30 minute cycle of deep sleep/not deep sleep, starting with deep sleep. You should be able to move him at this point. Also make sure where you are placing him is comfortable, similar to your bed because that is what he is use to...example if your bed has flannel sheets find some for his, if you keep you room cool do the same for his, if you run a fan get one for get my point! If he wakes in the night go to him, nurse him if you want to but put him back down in the crib, be consistant, take it from someone who was not and is paying the price now! Also, make sure he is familiar with whereever his crib is because he may wake up frightened if he does not recognize his surroundings especially if he did not fall to sleep there and if his crib is in your room and he can see you from it you will have a much worse time. Good Luck!



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