Breastmilk By Bottle Only

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Krista - June 20

I'm thinking about feeding my baby br___tmilk by a bottle only. I'll be going back to work 3 weeks after giving birth and I want his daddy and the daycare to be able to feed him....I'm planning on renting a really good pump from the hospital. Is there any harm in this?


olivia - June 20

There is no harm, but it is really hard work. I personally thought pumping was the pitts, and I don't hear too many success stories about moms who exclusively pump. But if you're dedicated, go for it. Make sure you get a double pump to cut your pump time in half.


Renee-Marie - June 20

May I suggest getting the Medela pump? It's really great. Hospitals do suggest that type. I pumped exclusively for the first 2 weeks since my son was in the NICU and it was ok. It was definately work, but it's not terrible. Everyone is different. I commend you for wanting to do this for your son though. It is the best thing.


bean - June 21

Good for you! I also recommend the Medela pump - the (unfortunately) expensive double pump one. You can rent from the hospital - but they'll only rent you the motor and you'l have to buy all the tubing, shields, etc yourself. Rentals are generally about $50 a month, so if you plan on pumping for a few months you'll end up breaking even really quickly. You may want to look into buying - esp if you plan on having more kids someday.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 22

Not at all. I pumped b___stmilk and fed it to my baby until my milk dried up. I used a double pump that the health department gave to me, and I found it really convenient. I got the benefits and so did baby, and everyone else got to feed her too.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 22

Go to the WIC office or health department and they will give you a pump most of the time, they gave me one.


Jamie - June 22

I have one heck of a pumping success story to share. A friend of mine gave birth at 25 weeks. The doctors recommended my friend pump as long as possible, to give the little girl the best chance at life. That little girl is now 14 months old, and has never had a drop of formula, nor has she ever nursed at the b___st. Her mom plans to keep pumping for at least another 10 months.


Krista - June 22

wow. thanks guys. I'll have to look into that Medela b___st pump. Do you think it's best for me to just start out from the bottle only...or should I try to b___st feed for a couple weeks and the week before I go back to work start giving the bottle only?


Jamie - June 23

I would b___stfeed at the b___st, but maybe give a bottle a day. Nursing at the b___st creates a bond between mother and child that can't be described, and I personally think everyone should have the chance to enjoy it. Also, if you nurse at the b___st, you have the option of continuing to nurse at the b___st at least in the evenings while you work, because your baby will know how to latch.


Heather F - July 3

If it is essential that your baby take a bottle I would only offer the bottle....I was supposed to go back to work when my little one was 3 months old but I couldnt because she refused the bottle and still does...looking back if I had known I would have only offered the bottle so it wouldnt have been an issue.


Krista - July 3

thats what I'm worried about...I'm afraid to give him my b___st because I've heard of SO MANY babies that wont take the bottle. I have to go back to work after 3 it's not that long and may be confusing to my baby...=( I'm not sure what to do..guess I can try doing both the baby gets used to both.


melanie - July 6

my baby is going to be 3 weeks old and I was b___stfeeding her but one day had to go somewhere the whole day and pumped some milk for her, well she ate from the bottle alll day and when I tried to offer her the b___st she didn't want it anymore. I have tried and tried for the last 2 weeks and she still won't take it, so looks like I am stuck pumping untill she no longer drinking b___stmilk.



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