Breastmilk Donation Site

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Carolina73 - October 29

I finally got my br___tmilk donation site up and running. It's going to turn into something big! Be sure to check it out and join! br___tisbestbaby . com


sarah21 - October 29

Well since you seem to know a bit about this, I was wondering what the requirements are for becoming a donor. My 7 month old just isn't nursing as much as she used to so it'd be a good time for me to start pumping. She was in the NICU for 9 days and I saw all the preemies that needed the b___stmilk and it hit me about how important it is to donate what I have.


Carolina73 - November 1

For this site, there are no requirements, except that you be in good health and that you put your own babies needs first! This site is a resource. We don't accept milk donations, but we act as a network to hook donor moms up with families who have a baby in need and all issues regarding the donation are handled between the donor and recipient however they like. The only thing we ask is that you DO NOT SELL b___stmilk. We know some women try, but we would like this site to be about GIVING. Not fattening your wallet. So, please! join!


sarah21 - November 4

I joined MilkShare and hooked up with someone nearby to give milk to. It's great! I love it. Very neat.


jenna32 - November 6

this is awsome, i always wanted to donate but i am so unsure about how to do it and keep it frozen when you do that. i would love to donate but what are the requirements? i a__sume you would somehow screen the milk for consumption of bad things like alcohol,drugs and whatever! But occa__sionally i have like a little more caffine then usual then reccomended like ( 3-4 very maximum). does that influence if you take the milk? i'd love to help. i am going to have to check out this website later tonight when i get a spare minute away from the baby thanks :)


sarah21 - November 8

Well if you go through milkshare you can talk about that with the person who would like to take your milk and they can request you get screening or a home pasteurization kit but most people just trust you that you aren't going to do something that potentially harms their baby. If you're interested you can go here.



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