C Section Planning To Breastfeed Help

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skn331 - June 7

I have heard that the meds used in c-sections, plus the pain/drugs afterwards, combined with the postponement of being with the baby can all lead to problems br___tfeeding. The hospital I am delivering at is very pro-br___t feeding and wont give a bottle or a pacifier..... however, I am starting to get concerned! Have any of you had a c-sections and successfully br___tfed? Any tips you could give me? My c-section is in 4 weeks.


angie m - June 7

I wish that I could help you out but don't have a personaly experiance. But my moms neighbor had her baby by c-section and nurses her now 15 month old and has sience birth. So I guess that you can nurse even if you have a c-secton she did and loves it. I hope that this helps. Good luck.


skn331 - June 7

well, thats encouraging at least..... thank you. anyone else?


Mary - June 7

Hi. I had to have an emergency C-section due to the umbilical cord wrapped around my baby's neck. I have always planned to b___stfeed and made it possible after my surgery. You still have time to bond with the baby after it's born while they are sewing you up, but then you have to go to the recovery room for a little while. I was there for about 45 minutes to an hour. My DH went with my baby while she got weighed etc. When I got to my room she was starving! It took a little while to understand what to do but I think that would be any baby b/c they have to learn it. The doctors said that the pain meds they gave me were ok to b___stfeed. Bring lots of pillows to help support your baby while you b___stfeed. A Boppy works great. It is a little hard to get the hang of at first but get your DH to help you, like get the baby , burp clothes, water (you'll be really thirsty when you bf) etc. which will help you recover too. We are now 2 1/2 months postpardum and are still exclusively b___stfeeding. Breastfeeding will help you recover faster as it brings your uterus back down to size faster and you stop bleeding faster. If you have any questions, I'm usually on all the time to answer. Good luck!!


Mary - June 7

Sorry for the long post......


skn331 - June 7

thanks for the info Mary!


tlew - June 7

I had a c-section 3 weeks ago and I am bf fine. However in the hospital it did take awhile for my milk to come in and we did have some problems with him latching, but I think thats b/c my son came 4 weeks early. I did give him a half ounce of formula twice in the hospital just to make sure that he was getting something. But since we have been home the bf is going great no problems at all. So if you hit some road blocks in the hospital, DONT WORRY!! Once you get home both of you will be more comfortable and relaxed. Good Luck


Susan W - June 8

You may have a sleepy baby to contend with at first from the drugs. But once the first 24 hours pa__s, you should be able to nurse, particularly if you are having the c-section in a pro-b___stfeeding hospital. They will help you a lot, and don't be afraid to ask for help. . . I haven't had a c-section, but I'm helping a mom who did, and it's working very well for her with a pillow to protect the incision, using a football hold sometimes to keep pressure off the incision, and having help with everything but nursing (which any mom needs!). She doesn't pick that baby up even - someone hands her over. Don't give up if you hit snags. It's a difficult skill to master at the beginning, but just set a goal to get through the first 8 weeks and then it will be easy for you!


olivia - June 8

I had an emergency c-section and was able to b___stfeed with no problems. The odd thing was, I did not feed my baby for well over 24 hours. They told me she wasn't hungry and didn't need to eat. She seemed happy so I just held her. Then the nurse came in in the middle of the night the next day and asked if they could feed her. I asked if maybe I could try first and she said sure. My baby latched right on and was getting colestrum for the next 2 days before my milk came in around day 4. I am not sure what was up with the delay in feeding her, but it all worked out fine. I was on antibiotics (for corioamnioitis sp?) and demerol (allergy to percocet). I stopped the demerol after the first day and just took motrin. It did the trick just fine. My advise is not to get too worried about it. Your hospital will probably have a lactation consultant who will meet with you, if not the nurses are quite helpful. The football hold was key for the first week. Even with the delay in feeding my dd, we did fine. Good luck to you!


jessielouwho - June 11

I had a c-section and the baby only bottlefed once at the nursery, I think on day 2 because he was still learning how to latch and I was exhausted. Before and after that I was able to feed with minimal problems and he was latching perfect before leaving the hospital on the fourth day. The only problem I had with it, and I guess it wasn't really a problem, I had to feed him in the football hold or lying down so he wasn't resting on my stomach.


amyh - June 12

I had a C-section and I took ALL the pain medication that was offered. It does not harm the baby. She also was started on a pacifier on the first night and a bottle be the third night. She is now 4 months old and thriving! I wouldn't jump to conclusions about how it will be with yours. Mine latched on immediately like she knew what she was doing and we haven't had any problems. Just wait and see how your baby takes it. The pain meds really help with standing and the faster you start standing and getting around, the faster you can take care of your baby.


nanny - June 15

I had ac-section as my baby was back to back and wouldn't move, I was awake through the operation and as soon as i was back in delivery room they gave me baby to feed, then had some probs with latching on for a couple of days (which is normal) but very frustrating and it would have been easy to give up then but stick with it as it gets easier very quickly. Did give him formula twice in hospital due to me being so tired but it is easy once you both get used to it. Due to c section your milk takes a little longer to come in but its fine mine came in on day 4, some advice though, when your milk comes in if baby finds it hard to latch on again due to b___bs being full and nipple flat (like mine were), before you feed get a warm flannel and rub your b___st down towards nipple to help the milk flow and squeeze the nipple to hand express a little to help nipple protrude, this helps baby latch on. Hope this helps x remember dont give up it is worth it in the end.


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 16

I gave birth 8 days ago via c-section...I had an epidural, so the first day I spent lying pretty much in the same position, not being able to do anything. The second day, however, I asked for my son at feeding times, and even though I only had colostrum at that point, I always put him on the b___st. Then on the third day, my milk came in, and there is so much of it that if I'm not feeding I'm pumping pretty much the whole day...So I wouldn't worry, good luck!


skn331 - June 16

thank you all for all the advice, I am feeling much better about the whole thing. Three weeks to go as of today!


Jamie - June 16

As far as I know, you can have your baby immediately after your c-section. My DH held our daughter next to my head while the doctor st_tched me up...as soon as I was wheeled into my recovery room, they gave her to me, and I immediately started nursing her.



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