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SKITTLES - January 10

My girl is 2 and i cant seem 2 stop nursing her. she is at times willing to skip nursing but i nurse her anyways? is this normal that i feel the need to nurse her still and not want to stop? Am i addicted 2 nursing? please give me advice:)


Sarah - January 10

Is this a joke? if not, I think you should stop, if she's two, and clearly doesn't want to anymore. It might be different if this was a very young baby - but she's a toddler - a toddler who clearly wants to wean herself, and there is nothing wrong with that. If it's the closeness, you can still cuddle her, and give extra hugs ....if it's anything else that's got you hooked.......ew, and get a therapist.


Jamie - January 10

You're probably just not ready to wean her yet. If she wants to skip nursing sessions, don't force her...but don't deny her, either, and just try to accept the fact that she's growing up and may want to wean now.


Jamie - January 10

I think this may be a poke at extended b___stfeeding, but I gave a serious answer just in case it's a serious question.


Sarah, get a grip. - January 10



SKITTLES - January 10

No I don't force her at all....there are times when she will skip feedings if i keep her busy. i didnt mean to gove everyone the impression that she doesnt want to nurse cause she does. she will tap my b___st and say milky man has a problem with me still nursing her along with my 2 week old son. should i stop nursing her for his sake? or continue to nurse her considering she wants to nurse?


SKITTLES - January 10

When she wants to nurse I let her for comfort. it comforts both of us. I ment I cant stop nursing her b'cause I am afraid that the bond wont be as strong. not b'cause i physically cant lmao. so i dont need a therapist.


SKITTLES - January 10

Another reason I continue to nurse her is because she sees the new baby nurse and i dont want her to feel left out. Tho I do tell her shes a big girl and do special things with her.....reading a book....puzzles etc.


Deena - January 10

You're doing the right thing SKITTLES. Just let it happen naturally. Have you read the book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler? You would really like it. There are lots of benefits to nursing a toddler. You are not addicted, just in tune with your child's needs. Happy nursing!


SKITTLES - January 10

Thanks for the support and understanding. :)


SKITTLES - January 10

Deena...can you tell me who is the author or "mothering your nursing toddler"? And what is the date on the book? I found one but it is 1980. I am wondering if that is the right book. thanks.!!


Jenn... - January 10

I can't think of the name of it but Dr.Sears has a good book for nursing toddlers.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 12

You should check out They have lots of info on tandem b___stfeeding. I wouln't think you are addicted!


lora - January 13

um...i say if your kid can walk, its time to wean.


krc - January 13

americans stop b___stfeeding earlier than any other country in the world! what does that tell you. You can b___st feed as long as you wish !! And kudos to you for still BF after 2 years. Hopefully she'll be weaned as your son gets older. You surely dont want a toddler & small child on each b___b!! haha


AutumnsMommy - January 13

Skittles, there is nothing at all wrong with nursing your 2 year old still--I intend to nurse Autumn for as long as she wants into toddlehood. My sister nursed until she was almost 4 (only at night towards the end) and she turned out just fine! In the book, "The womanly art of b___stfeeding" there is a very interesting chapter on nursing your toddler. If you don't have the book already, I would defintely recommend it. You are doing the right thing though.


... - January 13

other parts of the world don't have other options.



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