Can I Stop And Then Start Again

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Crystal83 - September 29

My dd is almost 4 weeks old now and she is bf'ing very well, this is my 3rd child. I didn't bf very long with my other 2 due to being young and having lack of knowledge about br___tfeeding. My boyfriend and I are getting married in the beginning of Nov. and dd will only be 10 weeks old when we leave for a 6 day honeymoon. I'm really torn over leaving her so young but he and I have been together 9 years and I feel like this is a now or never kinda thing lol. I know she will be left in good hands with my MIL, but I'm worried she won't take to the br___t again after I come back, does anyone know if I can still successfully begin br___tfeeding again after being away that long? I will be pumping every 4-5 hours or so while we're gone to keep up supply as well (how romantic!) lol.


Crystal83 - September 29

Also, she will be drinking formula for these days because I just don't have the supply of b___stmilk to leave her for 6 days.


wailing - September 29

I don't think it hurts to try. I commend u for trying so hard to keep it going. And congrats on ur honeymoon:-) Good Luck


Cevvin - September 30

your doing everything you can. Pump while your gone to keep your supply up. Make sure you use a b___st friendly nipple on the bottle, not those little skinny ones. Might make it easier for her to go back to the b___st. And dont give up right away if she doesn't take the b___st. Offer it to her before the bottle. and stop the botton during and offer the b___st. And if it doesn't work out, remember you can always pump and give her the milk out of the bottle. Dont give up. Good luck


Crystal83 - September 30

Thankyou for the encouragement, I'm definitley going to try to keep bf'ing as long as possible, but I know I've given her a good start even if she doesn't take the b___st after I come back too.



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