Can T Get Myself On A Schedule

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Beccah - October 13

I had my son 3 weeks ago (preemie, still in NICU) and since then, we have had a massive flow of family and friends coming in who want to take us out (to eat, shop, etc). It makes it so hard to stay on a schedule this way. Because some days I have not found a private place to pump I have gone all day without pumping. I'm HOPING that once all of this slows down that I will be able to pump every 3 hours like they're feeding him at the NICU, and like I'm supposed to. Does anyone have experience in this? Will I still be able to build up my supply as my son grows or is it too late?


Jamie - October 14

Try, try, try to get on a schedule - tell family/friends that you need to be on a set schedule, because you're risking your supply.


anne - October 14

i totally agree with jamie. and girl how are you out and about already? i was told not to walk or do anything for the first 2 weeks. i was in terrible pain for the first 2 months postpartum. i just started walking more recently. you're a tough one :) listen to jamie - tell them you need to get on a schedule so you wont have problems soon with your supply.


Beccah - October 14

Anne, I was up and about 3 days after I delivered. The worst pain I had was when I was in labor, post partum felt like a breeze! LOL Maybe it's because I had a 3.5# baby? What pain did you encounter? Back to my question, When I pump every three hours, I am getting about 2 ounces, which I think is pretty good. Is it too late to build more?


Jamie - October 15

There are herbal supplements you can take - fenugreek or blessed thistle. Just pump regularly to make sure you don't dry up; when your baby starts nursing, he'll automatically increase your supply through natural nipple stimulation. Make sure you drink a LOT of water.


anne - October 15

u will hate me but... labour and delivery were 99 percent painless. thr 1 perc was from a small tear. i hurt like hell after


Jamie - October 16

LMAO - you both suck...I was in labor for 24 hours, pushed for 2 hours, and ended up with a c-section; after delivery, I developed hypertension and pre-ecclampsia (yeah, I'm part of the like...5% of women who develop pre-ecclampsia AFTER delivery) so I was in the hospital, not allowed out of bed, for 5 days post-partum.


Beccah - October 16

Hey Jamie, I wish I had your post partum experiences. Because I went into labor early, they didn't give me ANYTHING for the pain! No epidural, no morphine, just tylenol. I was in so much pain! He came so fast, I couldn't get an epidural, even though I was screaming for one. Dialated from 1 to 10 in about 45 minutes. Pushed twice and he was out. Anyway, I will ask about the herbal stuff, maybe I can start using that when his homecoming is on the horizon. Thanks!


Lisa*9 - October 16

Why don't you call a health care store and ask them how long it takes to produce more milk or take it now to start to build the milk up,just a thought,How is Bradyen doing do I have the name right.


Beccah - October 16

Hi Lisa! Bradyn is doing fine, finally started gaining weight, he's at 3# 14 oz now. His grandparents and great grandparents visited us this week and last (phew!)... glad they're gone now, I get to relax! This is why I couldn't get on a schedule.. driving an hour and back to the hospital, no where to pump privately, no where to store the milk afterwards.


KJL - October 16

What kind of pump do you have? There are some good manual ones out there that you can use and no one would know. I've been using an avent ISIS for three months at work and no one knows that I am expressing milk. Just lock yourself in the bathroom. I've done this many times. Good Luck!! Prayers for your little guy.


Jamie - October 17

Beccah, I wouldn't wish my post-partum experience on was really horrible; I wasn't allowed to be the primary caregiver for my daughter for 5 days after she was born, because of the medication I was on; my blood pressure was so high, the doctor thought I was going to have seizures, so she kept me on this stuff that numbed my worked so well that I could barely move; the time in the hospital is one big blur, except I remember having IVs going into both arms...I was a human pincushion, literally; had an IV going into my left wrist with 3 drips, and one wiht 4 drips going into the back of my right hand. I had bruises completely covering the inside of both elbows because of nurses and doctors trying to run the IVs there. I wasn't allowed to bathe or shower for 5 days, because I couldn't get out of bed; my husband gave me sponge baths, but imagine having 5 days of nothing but sponge baths after you were in labor for 24 hours. It was *almost* enough to make me decide to never have another child.


Beccah - October 17

I guess the gra__s is greener on the other side then... although my post partum was a breeze, my labor was horrible! I wouldn't wish THAT on my worst enemy! To top everything off, I had unwelcome family and incompetant doctors AND nurses. I use the Medela Double Select electric b___st pump, the one they gave me at the hospital. I saw it at Target, and it costs $129.99. If I was at work, then I could see going to the bathroom or something to pump, but it's hard when you're in a car ALL DAY with grandparents in the back seat. I have started pumping every 3 hours since the last of the family went home, and I have been getting about 2 oz (60mL) per session (both b___sts)... the nurse today said that this was pretty good, since my son is only getting 33mL at a time now.


Jamie - October 18

Honestly, Beccah, even in the car, I'd whip 'em out and pump, and if the grandparents are uncomfortable, suggest that next time, they schedule activities around your son's need to eat. Also, when your son actually starts on the nipple, he'll increase your supply for you on his own. Amazing the way nature works, isn't it? What is your son's name, btw? My daughter is Serenity - and she lives up to her name, my little angel...8-)


Beccah - October 18

We named him Bradyn, we have pictures here: I visited him last night and I was able to give him a bath! A few times I thought I was going to drop him! LOL Slippery little sucker! I HAVE pumped in the car a few times, just pulled up a blanket and went at it, but, sorry, it's just too wierd for me to do it in front of grandparents, and HIS grandparents at that (whom I've met only once before this). Since they're gone now, I'm just glad that once I get my little guy home (one month old today!) I should be able to keep up with him.


Jamie - October 19

He's a cutie...I'm glad he's doing so well. It's hard when they're born so small, isn't it? Here's an older pic of my girl: You know, I still haven't met my husband's parents? LOL - they're not too happy about it, but since we live in Germany, and they live in Texas, what can ya do?



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