Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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kelly - March 26

2 months after i had my first child i got pregnant. I was told my a nurse that i should i period before i could get pregnant. Not true. Maybe i'm just fertile


SIRIA LUNA - April 5



Mandi Jacobs - April 12

I have 2 kids, my son is almost 3 and my daughter is 15 months and b/f. I already started my period a long time ago but still no luck, any advice on what to do to speed up the process?


Anonymous - April 12

YES! Since you aren't getting your period yet (it can return at ANY time, pre-OR post- weaning), and have no idea when you will, you can start OVULATING at any time without knowing it and therefore become pregnant (i.e. once you get your period, you've already pa__sed up protecting yourself while you were ovulating 2 weeks earlier). Please use some sort of birth control if you do not want to get pregnant right now (there is a progesterone-only pill that is effective and safe for b___stfeeding moms). I know people who have had babies 12, 11, even 10 months apart!! Don't rely on statistics! That 2% just might end up being you . . . Hope this helps!


Nicole - April 25

Hi, Moe. You have, approximately, a 2% chance of getting pregnant only if the following is true about you: 1) you are feeding around the clock (approx every 3 hours), 2)your period has not returned and 3) your baby is less than six months old. If you do not fulfill any of these criteria, you should use another form of birth control as you my get pregnant.


lena - April 28

moe, I myself are b___stfeeding and have no period yet. My baby is now six and half months old and i am not pregnant. The chances are about 5% pregnancy risk, which I think is low. I am not using any birth control by choice and relying on the b___stfeeding. I b___stfeed on demand and now she is teething it is quite regularly and still feed through the night. It is this constant sucking from the baby that keeps the period away. True you do not know when you will ovulate, but a sure sign is v____al wetness, it may be on the way.


mia - April 30

yes you could get pregnant while b___stfeeding. I have an officemate who ask for an advice to her OB-GYNE to have a birthcontrol pills. But the OB told her that no need to take any pills aside coz shes having a b___stfeed and it also could affect to her baby. Those oldwives tales are LIE! because her 2 kid are only 10 months apart. She get pregnant right away while b___stfeeding. So better not to believe in this b___stfeeding contraceptive.


carrie - May 1

Ok here is the deal! I have a 3 month old and I am b___st feeding and the doctor put me on the "mini pill" as they call it. Anyway, I got my period last month and I got the signs that I am getting it this month but nothing. It has been a week now and I should have gotten it by now. Oh I for got to add that I stopped taking my pills about 2-3 weeks ago. So does that mean that I am pregnant or my cycle is just screwed up. Also can you take a pregnancy test and it truefully tell you if you are pregnant or do I have to get my blood drawn?


To everyone - May 1

Yes you can get pregnant while b___stfeeding. The pull out method do not work. You can get pregnant with pre c_m. The pre c_m contains the most sperm. I would use a condom. Good Luck!!!


Kari - May 1

I have a "?" My child is 6 months now I ahve been b___stfeeding fulltime.. I am on the pill for nursing mothers, however I miss every now and then.. About 5 days ago I had a brownish (lite) discharge I haven't gotten "my period Yet" what could that be?


wafa - May 4

can I get pregnant while b___stfeeding my baby


Adriana - May 10

The posibilities of you getting pregnant whileb/f is slight!!! but that doesn't mean it can't happen!!!


KS - May 16

To: To Everyone (Regarding response from May 1, 2005) Are you serious about the pre-c_m having the most sperm?? Do you know of anyone who has gotten pregnant while b___stfeeding and using the pull-out method?? Yikes!


slc - June 2

Has anyone taken the mini pill, b___stfed and still got pregnant? I have a two month old, I took the minipill starting on a Sunday, for two weeks. Now I am in the week I am supposed to get my period and still no signs!


moe - June 2

YES! I started this thread about 6-8 months ago and I AM PREGNANT as of last wk of may!! This was a big OOPS and I was and am b___stfeeding and we used the pull-out-method and it does not wrk, u can ask your Dr, because I asked mine and it is only 60% effective, and he told me I would get preg using that method and he was right!! So be careful and use protection!!!


Heather - June 2

Yes Yes Yes ..... it is a huge wives-tale that you are protected ....



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