Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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Heather - June 2

Yes Yes Yes ..... it is a huge wives-tale that you are protected ....


aj - June 11

We used the pull out method after my first was born and I wasn't b/f. It worked for a year and then we decided to have another. I am b/f and doing the same method. It can work sometimes


Jodie - June 20

I have been b___stfeeding for 2 years and was on birth control for the first year. Then I stoped using the birth control but still experienced no monthly period. After a couple of months later I went to the Dr. to find out that my body doesn't release an egg to have a period because my body is busy trying to make milk. Since then I have gotten back on the pill just in case an still b___st feed.


Amber - June 24

Yes my mother got pregnant with me when my sister was 3 months old. Her milk suppy dried up thats how she knew. Not everyone's supply dries up though.


mamahorse - July 18

I b/f my first 3 kids and used the mini pill for a year after they were born. I never got pregnant and I didn't have a period until I stoped he mini pill. you do have to be careful and take it at the same time every day. I just had my fourth baby and this time I am trying an iud called mirena have any of you heard anything about this ?


Natalie - July 23

what do you think: can I rely on the home pregnancy test, or my HGC levels are messed up because of the b/f?


nicole - August 3

i don't know and I am wondering the same thing. I have 4month old and I have had a upset tummy every morning for the last month. help


cecil - August 4

i don't know


kim - August 10

hello..question...i am at the end of b/f my daughter and would like to start trying for another,but i havent had a period, how do you know when you ovulating?


TT - August 13

I got pregnant when my first was 7 months old, I was period had returned with my first two when I was 12 weeks, even though I BF'd exclusively. I just had my third 13 weeks ago, but have been a little nauseous and crampy. We have been using condoms since about 8 weeks postpartum, but I am wondering if something could have happened before then... A friend just had a baby, that was conceived while BFing and on the mini have to be REAL consistent with those...even an hour off and you should use a back up method.


Sue - August 17 I finished nursing my third child 2½ weeks ago. With the other two I had a period for the first time within the first two weeks after weaning. Been using protection, but end of mini-pill use was less than consistent. Currently, no period and cramping for a week and a half now with no bleeding. Super tired and moody. Back pains. Anyone else experienced these and been pregnant with no period???


onne - August 19

I was wondering if pregnancy test work when you are bf? My baby is ten months old


Melissa - August 20

This is called LAM (lactation ammenoria method) where you don't have a period because of b___stfeeding. The chances are low that you will become pregnant if you are not menstrating, feed on demand, allow night feedings, your baby is not eating solids or using a pacifier and is not over 6 months old. Of course, anytime unprotected s_xual intercourse is involved there is a risk of becoming pregnant. I personally use this method and it has worked for me for years to space my children naturally. Good Luck!


RS - September 14

Ok, I exclusively bf (well until this month) I got my first AF back when baby was 5months old, at 6months we started baby food. I am now waiting for my 2 AF, was due Sept 5th......could I be pg or just having irregular pp periods? My baby is now 6.5 month old.


HT - September 16

For b___stfeeding as a birth control to be effective, you need to not only b___stfeed full time, but also not use pacifiers, have your baby sleep in your bed with you. And have the baby with you as often as possible. My mother in law did this and remained infertile with no period for 3 years while b___stfeeding her last child. I know of tons of women who follow this method and do not get their period for a year or more.


Lisa - September 17

Well, I've just finished b___stfeeding my 12mth old only a week ago and found out yesterday I'm about 6-8 weeks pregnant (very, very unexpectantly)'s possible to fall pregnant while b___stfeeding even without getting your period.



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