Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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Lisa - September 17

Well, I've just finished b___stfeeding my 12mth old only a week ago and found out yesterday I'm about 6-8 weeks pregnant (very, very unexpectantly)'s possible to fall pregnant while b___stfeeding even without getting your period.


natty - October 4

ey i haven't had my ps since giving birth last yr in sept (2004)! my baby loves to b___st feed, am on the 'mini pill', that i take at all sorts of tyms and i ain't gotten preg YET! my friend got preg while b/fing & on the mini pill & her son was only 6 months. it depends on yo bod i guess. i wanna know how soon afta i stop b/fing will my ps return coz i have totally enjoyed not havng them!!!


anne - October 4

good question.. i have yet to get my period and i bf during the day and don't for 12 hours sometimes during the night when she sleeps. not had my period yet, although im told i should have already. been 2 weeks already!


Jamie - October 5

It's NOT FAIR. I have been exclusively b___stfeeding for 8 weeks now, and just got off my period. GRRRRR And, yes you CAN get pregnant while b___stfeeding; a neighbor of mine exclusively b___stfeeds her 5 month old, and she's 4 months pregnant.


anne - October 5

jamie - my condolences lol. was yor period heavier thna normal (i a__sume this was the first period you've had since delivery?)


Jamie - October 5

No, it was completely normal, except I didn't have any cramps. I suppose those will return next month. Grrr.


anne - October 5

jamie, i heard that you get less cramps after you've had a baby but the flow is a long worse. i had little flow before this baby and my cramps hurt to high hell. waiting to see when she knocks on my door..


onne - October 5

So, Is a pregnacy test accurate? I have a twelve month old, and my cycle is late.


anne - October 5

i always thought they were, apparently not


Tina - October 20

You sure can get pregnant! Just found out last night that I am, and I have a 5 month old. Oops! The pregnancy test worked fine - it was quite obvious.


deb - January 27

I was on the mini pill between my 1st and 2nd son. When 2nd son was 7 mo I found out I was pregnant with 3rd son. Then, after 6 mo of trying finally became pregnant with 4th son. I am not on the pill and have had had numerous non protected s_xual moments. I am and have exclussively b/f all my children. Wth my 1st 3, I got my period by 3 mo postpartem. This time, no period yet and my baby is almost 4 mo. Has this happened to anyone else?


Keri - January 28

Question: I have a ten month old. I am still b/f, but I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive. I was having a little period, but skipped this month. Should i go to get a blood test, or is this accurate?


C - January 29

Yes, they say you can and my SIL did!


C - January 29

Wanted to add: she b___stfed only, still is actually.


CK - January 31

I have been b___stfeeding my daughter for 4 months. I have been feeling really crampy, a little nauseaus...a few pg symptoms, and I just took a test and it said negative. Do you think that I could still be pregnant??? - February 3

I became pregnant with my son while b___stfeeding my daughter. Tried tandem nursing for a couple weeks but it didn't work out. My daughter was already 2 1/2 and seemed so big!



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