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preciousjewel - January 21

I cannot decide if i wanna br___tfeed. I feel like I should. But it sounds like so much work and painful and kinda creepy. I kinda wanna try it but I dont. I need some opinions or something.


EB - January 21

I suppose I don't have to mention that the benefits of b___stfeeding are huge. They have been proven in many different studies. Check out this site for a list of some of the benefits. Not to scare you but the reality is BF is very painful initially. I have been doing it for 5 wks and it is only starting to feel less painful. Although I don't have bottlefeeding experience to compare, BF is a lot of work. I'm committed to BF despite all the difficulties in order to give my baby the best nutrition and protection that I know of. Initially it may be hard to bond while BF because of the pain and fatigue, but it does come. Women who have been doing it longer than I have can attest to that more than I can. Also I don't know why you think it is creepy. Personally I'm not into having pictures of myself BF, but I've seen some babysites showing mothers BF and they look very sweet and beautiful. Good luck with your decision.


eclipse - January 21

You can always try it in the hospital with the help of the lactation consultants and nurses and then make your decision. You could always pump your b___stmilk as well if you want your baby to have the benefits but you cannot b___stfeed for any reason. Get a good pump though-rent one from the hospital or talk to the ladies here-I rent a Medela Lactina Select and it works wonders. I both b___stfeed and pump, and its nice to have bottles waiting when you are exhausted. But I would try in the hospital-and then decide. Give it a shot.


mnp414 - January 24

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby's health and it helps you and your baby bond even more. Its a wonderful thing. Anyways, many hospitals offer a b___stfeeding cla__s along with birthing cla__ses, that are very helpful. The nurses at the hospital are also usually very helpful and they will help you to feel comfortable feeding your baby. It can be an inconvenience at times, but its totally worth it. The best thing you can do about the convenience thing is to buy a good b___st pump and pump your milk for when you go out. Your nipples may get tender or sore the first couple days, but stick with it! That feeling will go away as you adjust and learn how to position your baby properly. Also, when your milk comes in your b___sts will feel engorged (very full) which can feel uncomfortable but pumping your milk will help relieve that feeling. Also, it may seem creepy but once you start it will feel natural and you will know that you made the right decision. Hope this helps...if you have anymore questions just ask!


Jamie - January 24

Formula increases your child's risk of diabetes, obesity, intestinal disorders, lower IQ, and poor eyesight, among other things. Also, think about a few things concerning the physical act of b___stfeeding. Your newborn child can see about 12 inches. How far is your face from your nipple, if you bend your neck as though looking at your baby? The only sounds your baby is used to are the sounds of your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breath - what major organs lie directly beneath the b___st? The only scent he'll know is the scent of you - what else can he smell while nursing, if not your skin? Our bodies were designed to give birth and b___stfeed our children. That's why we're cla__sified as "mammals". Instead of trying to decide why you should b___stfeed, research why you shouldn't. Formula companies want you to believe their product is just as good, but the fact of the matter is, it's not. Formula fed babies are more likely to get sick more often, and with more severity, than b___stfed babies. They get ear infections more frequently. These are proven facts that anyone can read for themselves. Really, after reading the facts - why would you choose NOT to b___stfeed?


kerryv - January 24

Jamie- some people are just not comfortable with b___stfeeding, maybe it didnt work out well for them, there may be work restrictions that dont allow them to bf. there are many reasons that a woman can have and it is a very personal decision to make- either way you go or if you do a little of both! is perfectly fine as long as it is what makes you comfortable.


Jamie - January 24

Formula is "adequate" nutrition. I don't know about your kids, but mine deserve better than fine, and yes, I will make mothers who CHOOSE to formula feed feel guilty, because they should. They are making a selfish decision to give their baby less than the best. In my book, that's neglect, and it DOES make a bad parent.


K - January 24

Try it for a couple of weeks -enough time to get past the problems you may have starting out or getting used to it. I wasn't sure either. I thought it was creepy too and wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but I decided to give it a try for my dd's benefit. My goal was to make it for 3 months. Turned out I loved it. It is a closeness with your baby like no other. There is nothing like having that little warm body snuggled up next to you, Plus not only is it better for the baby, but it can help you lose weight too. We're getting close to making it that whole recommended first year, and I'm going to be sad when its over.


Tammy276 - January 24

Preciousjewel, b___stfeeding is really a matter of personal choice. It is a lot of work, but there are ways around that. You can pump so you are not the only one to be feeding baby. BF is a great bonding experience, but unfortunately for some, it just doesn't work out. And there are others who just don't feel right doing it...don't let ANYONE make you feel guilty for the decision you make....I personally say at least give it a go and see what happens..if it doesn't work out for you, oh well...if it does, great... And if you decide you don't want to try it at all, that is your choice too..noone said you have to b___st feed.....and as for you jamie, I am so glad I don't know you. It is not a selfish decision to not b___stfeed and how dare you say that it is neglect and that it makes someone a bad parent? Who do you think you are? And to purposely try to make someone feel guilty because they choose not to b___stfeed? do you think you and your choices are better than everyone else? sorry, but b___stfeeding just isn't for everyone and it is night right of you to try and make others feel less of themselves because they choose not to b___stfeed..That is not neglect and does not make someone a bad parent...You sound like a really hateful person to me.


tryingx3 - January 24

As I have stated on here before - I was more worried about b___stfeeding than delivery! I am glad I stuck with it and love to see her grow. It is hard work, but the rewards are for a life time.


Steph - January 24

Damn Jamie, should I have called CPS on myself when I formula fed my daughter? LMAO!! It's funny too....she's only been sick a handful of times in her life, NEVER got one ear infection when she was an baby, started talking at 10 months, was writing her name at 2 years....and is now in a gifted program through our school district. She has none of those "nasty, proven" formula fed facts. Humm, what should I do? I b___stfeed and supplement with formula with my son, so am I only neglecting him a quarter of the time? I really don't know why you feel that you have to CONTINUALLY voice your hate and nastiness towards mothers who formula feed. It's nuts. Everyone has read your point a billion times....why must you keep reposting it?


Steph - January 24

To address preciousjewel, I personally think that you should take a breasfeeding cla__s and do a lot of reaserch on the subject. Talking to people about b/feeding really can help a lot. My son is almost 7 months old, and he's been b/fed from day one and he gets a bottle of formula daily because I don't have the opportunuty to pump more than twice per day while I at work....Anyways, I have run into a couple of huge problems while b/feeding. My son got thrush as well did I....hurts like hell and a b___h to clear up. The other issue that I had was I got mast_ts which is a b___st infection that basically felt like I had the flu x's 10! Antibodics cleared it up within a day or so and I was back on my feet. B/feeding is pretty difficult in the took a good month for me and Trevor to get the hang of it, but once we did, it was smooth sailing, even with the bumps we had along the road. I love the fact that at night I can lay down with him and feed him - then we both can sleep, I love the fact it's free, and it's only something that I can do for him! :o)


punkin01 - February 4

steph i am with you i am calling CPS on myself right now ...and as for Jamie .my 16 y/o son was formula fed and he is a fine young man no health problems had strep a bunch for a while and the Dr took those nasty tonsils out at age 7 and he has had no problems since and my DD was formula fed also and she is 15 months old and she has had one "cold/allergy" episode where her nose was a little runny but that was it nothing else both of my children are happy and healthy and the baby i am carrying now will be too ........even though i am trying to figure out how to BF after i go back to work now so i will prob formula part time and BF parttime so maybe i need to let CPS know i will be neglecting this baby come june ............


nitnylion - February 5

preciousjewel, I too was expecting the worst, but I was so incredibly lucky. I had the easiest time nursing - no sore nipples, no latch problems, and lots of milk. Not everyone has problems. Plus it's FREE unlike formula, and there are no bottles/nipples to wash. Try to give it a shot. If you hate it or have tons of issues, then quit with no guilt.


Jen - February 8

I agree with nitnylion. As soon as my little one latched on I squinted cuz I thought it was going to hurt, but it didn't hurt at all. Like everyone has said, it has many benefits and it's much easier than having to wash bottles and make formula.


rack - February 23

i'm new to the boards here, but i have been b___stfeeding my dd since birth , for ten mos now. i can attest to how difficult it can be to start. we had lots of problems getting her to latch, which caused pain and frustration for about 6 weeks. definitely the most challenging part of the whole parenting, pregancy experince for me. i can also attest to how WONDERFUL it is when things get going. i would not change my decisin for the world and i see the results in a beautifu , happy and healthy little one. I believe that what i can give her is better than anything else. set yourself up to the reality that it will be hard at first, but it will be completely rewarded in your relationship ( and actually time and $$ saved can go ANYWHERE as long as you have your bb's with you :) no bottles to make in the middle of the night, strelize, try to warm when you are out. etc. and if you are too tired, there is always pumping and letting someone feed your lo for you. here are a few things that made it easier on me... havning LOTS of WILL doubt yourself and that is when those people should step in and tell you not to give up...get good advice from lactiation consultants and lll...( and get your md or lactation consultant to prescribe DR. jack newman's all purpose nipple ointment for you for pain relief in the first few literally saved me from quitting. also get a few GOOD nursing bras...i love bravado designs bras and tanks the best. i find them supportive, comfortable and very easy to clasp and unclasp, and no nursing holes to have to navigate. you can find the webisite for bravado if you google bravado designs. check them out. you CAN do this. don't let anyone convince you that you can't ( even a doctor...) more importantly, believe in yourself. you are giving your child the best gift of all :) good luck rack :)


EricaLynn - February 23

Dont listen to Jamie. Breastfeeding is so hard at first. I absolutely hated it in the begining. I didnt bond with my daughter, it was the oposite actually, I felt like I hated her when she nursed. (I had alot of pain and cracking issues) I would also suggest going to the lactation consultant at the hospital to help you with latch and stuff if you have trouble. For a while I was pumping and feeding exspressed milk because my nipples hurt so bad. But now that I am back to nursing it is SO easy. No bottles to clean or warm or anything. In the middle of the night if DD wakes up, I can just shove the b___b in her face and fall back asleep. I dont like nursing in public though, Im fine with it at home and at friends houses and stuff, but out and about I always bring expressed bottles with me so I dont have to whip out the b___b. I would say really try it for about 6 weeks, because initially alot of people dont like it. Give it a go for a good amount of time to give it a fair chance. If you really dont like it switch over to formula or try pumping. Some b___stmilke is better than none, but dont feel bad if you dont do it. Alot of babies get formula from the get go and turn out fine. Good luck with it and I hope it works for you because eventually it is alot easier and is a nice bonding time.



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