Cat Litter

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Lisa - January 19

Can I change the cat litter while nursing? I know your not supposed to during pregnancy but not so sure about nursing. Thanx


Christy - January 19

I never heard anything about it with nursing. You do it during pregnancy b/c the toxoplasmosis can be pa__sed from mom to fetus. I have been changing the litter since having the baby with no issues noted.


Christy - January 19

Oh and the big thing is that it causes miscarriage.


Jenn... - January 19

Yes, you can.


Lisa - January 19

Don't tell my DH


AutumnsMommy - January 20

I change my cat's litterbox and I have actually wondered the same thing, lisa...I'm just really careful and make sure I was my hands really well immediately afterwards.


krc - January 20

I have to cats and they use scoopable. I use arm & hammer cuz it's great as far as being dust free compared to the cheaper brands. My baby's paternal grandma & aunts are paranoid about me changing cat litter. They insist I get someone else to do it or start using newpapers or real earth ! I did some research and the chances of getting toxoplasmosis isn't that high. First it's not the actual cat litter but it's in their feces. The dust from the cat litter that gets stirred up while cleaning the cat pan is how you get it, by breathing in the dust. Or getting it on your hands. If your cats have lived entirely indoors then chances are they've never been exposed to it. If they're indoor/outdoor & use a litter box inside the risk is much higher . But fortunately there is some good news. Toxoplasmosis is like chicken pox. Once you get it, you can never get it again. If you've changed cat litter for many, many years you may have already gotten it and didn't know it. Symptoms can be unnoticed or resemble a fever. You can get toxoplasmosis from many other sources as well. I bought a dust mask to be extra careful and wash my hands immediately after scooping kitty pooh. But i've had cats my whole life... strays, outdoor/indoor, strictly indoor. So im not worried about it. Just go to your search engine and research it for yourself !!!!


Maggie - January 25

As long as your cats are indoor cats you can change the litter. If your cats go outside its strongly advised that you avoid changing the litter because you can still contract toxoplasmosis. I don't know if you can give it to the baby through nursing, but do you really want to risk getting that sick. If you contract toxo its like having a stomach flu times a thousand. **BTW-Cats only contract toxoplasmosis through soil and can hold it for about 4 months, so if your cat has gotten out in the last 4 months, stay away from the litter.


HEATHER - January 25

OOPS, I have convinced my hubby that I cant change it till im done bf'ing. Oh, well Im not gonna let him know I can.



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