Cleaning Pump With No Sink

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MelissaV - October 16

I go back to work next week & I'm a teacher with no sink in my classroom. I plan on pumping 3 times while at work, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on cleaning the pump parts between pumping sessions. Or do they even need to be cleaned until I get home since bm stays fresh at room temp for 10 hours?


Val - October 16

Hi Melissa... I think Medela makes wipes to specifically clean your pump parts - if I remember right, I saw them at Target, but you probably can find them online as well. I contemplated getting some since I don't always have access to a sink, but haven't tried them yet. You made an interesting point about the milk staying fresh at room temp, but I'm not sure if that extended to the pump parts since they are more exposed to air? Maybe you can keep a tub with soapy water, and use a spray bottle to rinse them after soaking? Cleaning all the parts between pumping is definitely a ha__sle, even if you have access to a sink!


MelissaV - October 16

Thanks for the response, Val...I have seen those wipes at Target, but have put off buying them, because I think it could become expensive to use those. I guess from what I read on another board is that other women put the parts in Ziploc bags between pumpings---I wonder if anyone on this board has done that?


amb5879 - October 16

I actually use the pampers sensitive wipes to clean my things. They are alcohol and fragrance free just like the Medela wipes, other than water there's not much to the wipes.


DB - October 17

There have been times that I didn't clean my parts, but I'm freaked out by that!! My boss never cleaned hers, but I'm wierd about germs, lol!! There were many times I'd just rinse them off in between with water. I did use the wipes quite a bit too. Can you just sneak off to the bathroom and rinse them real quick?


pregnant76 - October 17

I've been pumping exclusively for 3.5 months. Before I started, I did plenty of research and consulted alot of forums with mothers who also pump exclusively. I basically keep my pump parts in a zip lock bag and refrigerated. I don't clean the parts until I get home. It's okay as long as it's sealed and kept cold...just like regular milk.


MelissaV - October 18

DB---I could sneak off to the bathroom or next door to the art room if I absolutely had too...I just really don't want to be parading around the hallway with the parts---especially since we don't have a faculty bathroom, and I have to share with all the students in my hall. Pregnant76---your method is what I read about a lot on other forums, with a few moms who don't refrigerate. That's probably going to have to be what I try at first, and hopefully I can get a dorm fridge to keep in my cla__sroom.



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