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surewinwilliams - May 7

My son had a little trouble gaining at birth so I was told to make sure to wake him up to feed, and do so every 2 hours at the most. Well I did, and it supply came up, and so did his weight. In fact he is now pretty big for his age (12.8lbs at 8weeks). My question is...when do I stop watching the clock and letting him just tell me when he is hungry? I don't do the 2 hour thing any more but how long should it be? He is a very content baby, so I worry he might just skip a feeding or sleep too long. So how long is too long between feeds for an 8 week old? Should I let him sleep as long as he can at night? I thought this would be easier with my second child, but no dice! BTW...he is br___t fed only.


mjvdec01 - May 7

There should be no more that 3 hours between feedings. That means three hours from the start of one feeding to the start of the next. I am sorry to say that the feedings remain like this for about the first year. Once they are soely on solids and drinking whole milk it then changes a bit with snack in between, but for the next 10 months you are pretty much set.


E586467 - May 7

If his weight has increased & he seems to be thriving there is no reason why you still need to be waking him for a feed. Some bf babies will sleep through the night from an early age, so don't be too concerned if this is what he does. If he is producing several wet nappies in a 24hr period he's fine. Talk to your doctor if you're at all concerned, but I would suggest letting him tell you when he's hungry, I've always demand fed mine & they usually wanted to feed about every 4hrs, but every baby is different.


Val - May 9

My son was the same way (weight gain trouble at first, but then big for his age, and only b___stfed). I kept records of his on-demand feedings for the first couple of months until I could see consistent patterns. Then I just kept feeding him according to the patterns, making slight adjustments here and there. My goal was to anticipate his need so that he wouldn't have to cry for feeding. He seemed to really like having a regular schedule so it worked really well! I think we fed him every 2-3 hours. And he slept through the night from an early age -we didn't wake him for feeding. We did start a dream feed around 7 months (at our doctor's suggestion), again to avoid him crying for food, and that worked out well too. Good luck!


mama4andmore - May 9

I would say he would be ok to skip one feeding, but I would make sure to wake him for the 2nd! Doing that once a day (during the night) won't hurt him! But I wouldn't do it a whole lot during the day! it could cause your milk supply to decrease.


mama4andmore - May 9

Also letting a b___st fed baby let you know (cry) isn't good because they won't nurse as well. There are a few other reasons also try searching it on the net if you really want to know. I can't remember them all its been a little while since I was b___stfeeding. I b___st fed 3 of my 4, but still don't remember exactly why sorry.


jenna32 - May 11

i wouldn't go more then 3-4 hours at night or during the day,especially if your baby is just 8 weeks. But dd sometimes goes 3 hours now without fussing, she is 5 months.



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