Clogged Ducts

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Lynn - July 17

Hi all... looking for advise and plain old help here. I have been unable to br___tfeed. With our first, I thought she was feeding (first time mom mistook the sucking for actual milk withdrawl) and my newborn wound up back in the hospital for dehydration. Turns out she wasn't getting milk. There WAS milk in the br___ts... never leaked, though. With the second baby, we tried br___tfeeding again and quickly learned the same thing was happening. We stopped trying in the hospital and went straight to formula. With our last child, I was determined. And it did seem as if I was able to supplement with the br___t. But the baby had to work soooo hard that he gave up. I tried pumping (an electric pump for almost an hour produced less than 1 oz of milk) I was so excited that I got any that we tried him back on the br___t next feeding -- and he wound up trying and trying so much over the next 2 days that I would up with serious bloody nipples. And by then I was mostly dried up anyway (the only leakage I had was a teeny dab the size of a dime or smaller) None of the nurses were actually helpful - they all just said to "keep on trying" And I am still determined to try br___tfeeding again (I am 8 weeks pregnant now). Additional notes: I used to have my nipples pierced. I have br___t implants. And all 3 babies (plus the 4th) were c-section. Any advise, resources.,, references???


Elisabeth - August 9

I too had problems with BF the first child but the second child went prety well. If you have a problem with bloody nipples, try the nipple shield from any baby store or la leche - it really works. As far as getting more milk, get a hospital grade pump (rent one) the Symphony is great because it simulates the baby's suck for let down and actually does cause let down before the pumping begins. I rented one for 6 months. Then, pump after every feed so you get all the milk out. It could be very little milk but at least you know the b___st is empty. This will ultimately increase your milk supply as well as prevent clogged ducts. When your child is nursing more and emptying the b___st himself/herself then you can return the pump. As for leakage, it doesn't seem to matter whether you leak or not. The majority of women don't leak and their supply is fine. I never leaked and I still produced a good supply of milk. If you use formula make sure you pump away the excess milk at each formula feed or it will lead to clogged ducts and diminished supply. Regular pumps never worked for me.



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