Colour Counts In Baby Poo

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mamagoose - March 8

Hi everyone- I just thought I'd share something I learned from a La Leche League volunteer which I found interesting. If your baby is exclusively br___tfed, colour counts when it comes to baby's poop... the colour should be a mustardy or peanut butter type colour. If it's greenish, this can be an indication that your baby is getting too much of the "quencher" foremilk, which is the watery stuff that comes out first, and not enough of the rich, fatty hindmilk. It can be an indication that you're not feeding long enough on a br___t if baby is only getting the foremilk and not enough of the hindmilk. I was told to feed at least 15 minutes on one br___t before switching, to make sure that baby gets enough hindmilk. The hindmilk is also very calorie-rich and helps baby go longer between feedings (like 3 hours vs. 1 or 2 in the early weeks) Just thought I'd share!


moi - March 8

cheers. gd information


Kristin72 - March 8

Good to know..thanks for the info!!


vanja10 - March 9

mamagoose - thanks for the info! I just noticed this morning that the colour of my son's poo is now mustardy, no wonder he's been sleeping more.. :) btw, he's one week today.


freeflyingangel - March 9

wow thanks that helps!!


Ciarasmom - March 9

I was wondering if my dd was getting enough hindmilk because she is such a b___st switcher during feedings. Now I know that she is as her poo is the right colour. It also makes sense now why the midwife would ask if her poo was green or had green in it.


DDT - March 10

I don't b___stfeed exclusively and my baby's poo is still a yellow colour with a seedy quality. He gets about 4 bottles of formula a day (2oz each). What colour is baby's poo from formula?


Kristin72 - March 12

Speaking of babies poo had some jelly like mustard coloured stuff in her diaper this morning. (Along with the normal mustard poo. What would La Leche say about that? Has anyone else ever had this? It is almost the consistency of jelly like cervical mucus. hmmm


Kristin72 - March 12

P.S. My baby is b___st fed.



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