Confused On Babies Eating Pattern

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Mindee - October 14

This is the first time I have ever br___tfed, my daughter is 3 weeks old. She is eating from both br___ts about every three hours during the day, but then at about 9pm I cannot fill her up, I have to give her 2-4oz bottles of pumped milk between the hours of 9pm and 2 am plus nurse her until I cant anymore just to satisfy her. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am getting so frustrated it seems like all I do from 9pm to 2 am is feed either by br___t or by bottles. She then wakes again between 4am and 5 am to nurse. My mother said to put a tsp. of rice cerel in her bottle before bed, has anyone tried that? Thanks for your input!!


Jenn.. - October 14

The best thing you can do is continue to nurse her. You b___st is NEVER empty, the flow slows down to just drops but it is NEVER empty. She is going through a growth spurt and the only way your body will know it needs to produce more milk for her as she grows is if she is at your b___st. I know it is hard and that it seems like all you do is feed her. After doing that for a few days though your body will know to produce more milk and you will be able to feed her in a shorter amount of time again. Best of luck!!


Erin - October 14

It's called cluster feeding. Babies go through growth spurts at 3weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months. They tend to eat more. There is nothing you can 7 week old daughter did the same thing. Just feed on demand, and I promise it will get better in a few weeks. You do not want to put cereal in the babies bottle unless it is reccomended by your doctor....especially since your daughter is only 3 weeks.


mom42 - October 14

My baby did the same thing from 7pm to 11pm every night. I just plopped in front of the tv and fed away! Really, I think what helped most was co-speeping, because she could eat whenever she wanted and I got plenty of sleep!


A - October 18

Hi, Mom42, can you explain what co-sleeping is?


Jamie - October 19

I can. Co-sleeping is exactly what it sounds like - baby sleeps with you. There are some devices, like Arms-Reach Cosleepers, that keep the baby out of your bed, but right next to you...I personally bring my baby into bed with me, but that's because neither my husband nor I are heavy sleepers, and neither of us moves much in our sleep. Also, my husband and I each use our own blanket, so the baby doesn't risk getting smothered.


A - October 19

Thanks! That's what I thought it was... although I would never keep my infant in bed with me and my husband (both heavy sleepers and kick eachother).


me - October 23

sounds like yr baby is having growth spurt. Just keep feeding normally will last about 2-3 days


Heidi - November 1

My daughter is 3 wks old and I've noticed if I pump too much during the day, she doesn't get as much out of me at bedtime and fusses a lot. I'd say don't pump after mid afternoon and see if it helps a little. I find if I don't pump I'm super full at bedtime and then I'll pump in the morning cus I'm really full still and she eats faster and falls asleep easier and fuller. Just my two cents. Works for me.



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