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L1NDZ - November 19

My lo hasn't had a bowel movement in 6 days. He is passing gas and I can hear bowel sounds. He is straining at times and nothing is coming out. I have tried ovol drops and gripe water. Is there anything else??? I know that exclusively bf babies don't go every day sometimes, but he ALWAYS goes at least once/twice per day! I am beginning to get scared. He only has periods where he is in discomfort...otherwise a smiley guy! Please help!


alynnburke - November 20

My son is also bf, and he also has stopped going everyday (he is 2 months). The longest my son has went without going is almost 3 days. Even on the dyas that he does go it is only usally once a day. He used to go alot more! We just came from the doctor and I asked him what I can do to help his bowels move, and how often he should be going. The doctor said he should go at least every other day, and if he isn't going, I can put a teaspoon of Karo syrup into a bottle with some pumped milk and that should help get things moving. Of course your lo would have to be willing to take a bottle. My mom said she used to use a little bit of mineral oil to help me and my sibling go. She said that it is completley natural, and tasteless, without all the sugr that is in Karo. Six days seems like way too long though, I would get your lo into see your dotor ASAP. I have always been confused as to how a baby who drinks nothing but milk can get constipated. Good luck!!


charee - November 21

my son is 2 months and just started not going multiple times a day... the dr said at this age they start regulating themselves and digesting everything and absorbing it more. he said its not even uncommon for them to not go for a week, as long as the stool is still soft. My son goes every day though, and i can tell when its been a while he gets fussy...


excited2bemama - November 21

Alynnburke- I think your ped is misinformed. Its totally normal for a totally b___sted baby to go up to 7 days (some sources say 10days) without a poop as b___stmilk is so readily absorbed that sometimes that don't have much extra.... that being said.. Babies grunt like they are going to poop. My lo has gone as much as 4 days.. Unless his poop is hard then technically he isn't constipated.... Did he go yet?? :o)



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