Corrected Crying During Feeding

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fitzerin - October 15

So I went to the pediatrition today because I'm a nervous mommy! :-) And she told me that the screaming that my son has been doing is probably due to reflux. One of the signs is if he arches his back during these crying jags. It's more common to happen off the br___t then off the bottle because typically the baby is in a different position feeding from the bottle then the br___t. she gave me a medication to give him to correct this reflux. I thought I'd share this with you all seeing as that I know I am not the only one that was dealing with this problem.


angelinakai - October 15

I have been wondering if something is wrong with my son. he screams sometimes while I'm feeding him. He streches out his body and the only thing that makes him feel better is if I hold him over my shoulder. Does that sound like what your son was doing??


jen327 - October 15

My son is 11 weeks old and has severe reflux. A great website to check out is infantrefluxdisease dot com Reflux causes so much pain it makes feeding and so many other things painful. You may just think you have a fussy baby, but once they are on the right medication they are a different baby, so happy. Be careful though, medication may work for 4 weeks then stop working. That is because they grow and you just need to have it adjusted.


slackette - October 17

You should also look up forceful letdown (kellymom has a great article on it). I wasn't sure if my son had reflux or if it was just my letdown until I really researched both. Mine is definitely a letdown thing b/c if I fix his position better or pump a bit of milk first, he doesn't scream at cryings. My left b___b has the worse letdown and I see him struggle more with that one than the right. Its so hard to tell sometimes with these things...I wish they could just tell you whats going on and why they are screaming!!



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