Could I Br Pregnant I Hope Not

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babygirls1st - May 9

Has anyone had regular periods while br___tfeeding, then back to irregular periods? Thats what im hoping.. My baby is 8 months old. i pump at work and nurse in the evening. My baby has been on solids since 5 months old. For the past 2 months I had regular menstrual periods exactly 28 days, I got my period back 5 weeks postpartum but they only became regular the last 2 months. suddenly im a week late and scared i might be pregnant again so soon.


olivia - May 9

I am 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and my dd is 8 months old. So yes, you can be pregnant. After 6 months or your first period you are considered fertile even if you are b___stfeeding. Take an hpt if you are already a week late. Have you been using protection if you did not want to become pregnant?


Susan W - May 10

You could be . .. You can only rely on b___stfeeding for birth control/natural child spacing if you are nursing at the b___st (not pumping), not using a pacifer, no solids and your child is under 6 months of age. Good luck!


babygirls1st - May 10

Thanks ladies.....No i haven't been using protection like i should:-( Congrats Olivia. Anyway I'll be testing tonight, im really dreading it though. I will let you know....


Susan W - May 10

Maybe this will make you feel better if you are . . My mom had my sister and I only 17 months apart. She said it was hard being pregnant while chasing me around -- she didn't have morning sickness though, but I was mobile very early -- but she was glad to get done with the diapers and get rid of the baby stuff within a couple years, rather than having the baby stage go on and on, like it can if you space your babies 3 or so years apart. I tried to conceive again that quickly, but I couldn't. I had to wait until DS was not nursing between 1-3 AM at nights and put a couple pounds back on, which didn't happen until DS was 12+ months old. Guess what I'm trying to say is that it will all work out. But if you are, be prepared for your supply to be hammered -- mine is virtually non-existent now at 15+ weeks of pregnancy (thank goodness DS is 20 months and isn't relying on my milk) -- and for severe nipple soreness; doesn't happen to all women, but don't be surprised. If you can, pick up the book "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" from La Leche League, which has been a big help to me for nursing while pregnant. Will look for your results tomorrow .. . .


babygirls1st - May 12

Hey ladies its + Im not ready for this so soon :-( My husband is excited though. I'll get thru it. Susan you are right about milk supply. Its very low and my poor baby loves to nurse. I can't even pump much for daycare. I had to start mixing in some formula right away for daycare. Im gonna check out the Tandem Nursing book. Thanks again ladies


Susan W - May 12

Oh dear. But things do work out. Also, go to the La Leche League website. There's a forum like this one there, and there are a couple sections just for nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing, where you can get free advice from LLL leader and other moms in the same situation. .. . I did recently see advice there to NOT mix formula in with your b___stmilk. Formula is cheaper than b___stmilk (really, an insurance company valued b___stmilk at $2.50 an OUNCE), and b___stmilk is healthier, so you want to make sure your baby gets all the b___stmilk you can, especially as your supply dwindles. So the advice was to put the b___stmilk in one bottle and feed that first. If the baby needs more than that, then feed some formula. That way, you only toss formula if the baby doesn't finish it. The book is a definite look at... Hang in there. It does work out.


babygirls1st - May 12

Susan you are so sweet :-) I will be taking one day at a time I will definitely take your advice on not mixing b___stmilk with formula. Oh....Happy Pregnancy!


Susan W - May 13

Happy pregnancy to you too!



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